Since You’re Snowed In…

Met Art

Or even if you’re not – this wonderfully unnecessary porn post should warm you up no matter where you are. Those who are snowed in will hopefully find that these handpicked free porn galleries warm them from pole to pole (and frozen lakes inbetween), otherwise it’s an excuse to play “snow day” and enjoy. So enjoy!

Met Art has some luscious beauties:

* Vivien and Angela scissoring
* Liv and Taira nipple biter!
* pretty Kylie
* Julia and her landing strip
* Augusta Crystal has one too
* Vanda has a sexy body (IMO)
* I could snuggle with Altea
* Natalia in pearls

I liked this pretty NuDoll. I like this one’s shoes, but you probably won’t notice those – at first.

Next Door HookupsNext Door Hookups is the gay male site shooting straight porn; I liked this gallery and video set.

Hegre is getting filthier these days, which combines nicely with their arty vibe:

* Nicole
* Anna S
* Yoko

StarletSheet has a great gallery of Nena Blue.

Girls Out West has been on suspension from my rotation for some racially insensitive language in one of their videos that I didn’t like. I’m re-trying them for these galleries of uber-busty Angie and Aeryn: One, Two and Three.

Evilyn Fierce

Harder? Harder: this was Peter Acworth’s birthday party at Kink. Stunningly beautiful female submissive Evilyn Fierce (my new girl crush for 2011; not to be confused with Sasha Fierce, my girl crush from 2008) has an intense abduction fantasy.

Mistress NyomiHardcore lesbian BDSM, forced orgasm. Female submission, fake arrest, double penetration and bondage. Girl caught at a gloryhole gets punished.

Group sex with a woman in public – not kidding, you have been warned. Mistress Nyomi penetrates two men, wow. Don’t worry – men get put on the bottom on the Upper Floor, too.

Divine Bitches

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  1. … following on from England’s comments … Violet, I’d really like you to point me toward your recommended tutorials, books, etc., too …

    … just speaking as a “woman who likes being submissive” …

    … and who didn’t ‘come out’ about this, ever, until the last couple of years, in my late 30s …

    … and then unfortunately the first person/s I shared with – after pretending for months that their sexuality complimented mine – then backflipped and publicly ridiculed and tried to ‘shame’ and dehumanised me … enough! I know this was done to others too …

    … dear Violet, as I said, indeed I would appreciate you pointing me to your recommended tutorials, books, etc.


  2. @England – it’s not odd at all. The people at Kink are very very much enjoying themselves. I have a number of friends that work there (models, camera people, directors, and in the IT department) and they LOVE their jobs. They do their jobs when they are not being paid. It’s hot, and very satisfying sex for them, doms and subs. And some of them are in love with each other, and partnered.

    Confidence comes with knowing what to do, and knowing your partner really wants it. When they want it, it’s a huge turn on, and I find that gives enough confidence to do all kinds of things.

    Let me know if you want me to point you to tutorials, books, etc.

  3. @Vera – I posted a video and had missed a line of dialogue about a big dildo in comparison to black men’s cocks, and the reader who caught it was like WTF, Girls Out West? I pulled it, as the reader was spot-on. Not cool.

    I caught something else too that made me uber cautious – yet it was very much a cultural difference, much in the way I’ve seen UK culture really not take the N word seriously. To me it’s like, not even questionable. And they wonder why people in the US go ballistic over the word “cunt”…

    The internet, it is global. So people like me have to watch, learn, try to be cool, make mistakes, apologize… and not mix up our fannies in polite conversation with the London boy’s parents : /

  4. Oh no, what happened with Girl’s Out West? Hot video, though. It says something about how vain and self-involved I am that it totally turns me on partly because one of the girl’s tits look exactly like mine.

  5. Is it odd that this kind of BDSM actually makes me raise an eye brow and has me curious in wanting to try it out on a woman who likes being submissive? I usually don’t have an interest in this, but there’s always that one piece that catches my interest. I guess the reason why I can’t see myself doing it, is a major lack of confidence in doing that to a woman, followed by experience. I still find it interesting, though.

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