Wednesday Nibbles: Everyone Is Faking It; STD Testing – There’s An App For That Too

* I saw the astonishing news item reporting that UK residents may soon have access to a phone chip that allows them to self-test for STDs and STIs. Total awesome sci-fi reality, right? Then I saw that The Sexademic noted that, and wrote STI Test Innovation: US vs. UK. We fail to innovate, again. (,

* Pal Brian Alexander at MSNBC points out that a recent university study in the UK found that 80% of (straight British) women said they fake orgasm for a variety of reasons. At the same time, US mags Women’s Health and Men’s Health came out saying that 17% of US men are faking it. This could lead to an international incident… (,

* Girls take more chances during first-time sex than boys. Duh. This does not surprise me, as a girl frequently on the other end of that gender binary. (

* Porn star Joanna Angel was in a car accident with fellow starlet Jessie Lee, and Lee is injured and needs help. Find out more at Help OMG It’s Jessie Lee. (

* And the next time someone makes the argument that porn is bad because it is about masturbation, toss this superfabulous mainstream article about the positive aspects of waking in their general direction. Love that Newsweek calls Christine O’Donnell “The Anti-Self Service Candidate.” It’s all about (and for) guys, and the last para on women is weak, but it’s a great piece nonetheless. (

* Dirty! And a nice piece of writing. Sqirting and hot lesbian sex in NY Mag — distract yourself with The Writer Whose Girlfriend Has the Sex Drive of a 13-Year-Old Boy. (

* Waiter, there’s a vagina in my magazine. Say hello to feminist video magazine Vag. (, via Fierce Kitty)

* Seriously: fuck you Andrew Shrivell. Firing is the nicest thing that should happen to you. Cox fires Andrew Shirvell, says he used state resources in attack on gay student. (

* I love you Psycho Nurse! This week Psycho Nurse — a real-life nurse — looked at Maca and it’s reputation as the new female Viarga in Maca, Me, Sex And The Kitty. (

* The nurse is psycho, so call a doctor: Dr. Charlie Glickman celebrates that researchers have cracked the mystery of AIDS immunity. (

Photo from this gorgeous gallery: Jevne Ragnhild by David Bellemére in Light Show da Boudoir | Marie Claire Italia November 2010.

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