Happy Birthday Abby Winters

Abby Winters Window Washing Girls

The month of October officially marked indie Australian site Abby Winters ten-year anniversary. November 1st means they’re hopefully here to stay: fast forward from Australia 2000, to this month where they’re celebrating their ten-year mark as a very successful, female sexuality driven adult site. In Amsterdam. Why? Well read Abby Winters Broke up with Australia to get the background. It is a sad, unfortunate story about the Australian government’s extreme anti-sex and anti-porn identity crisis, complete with shockingly restrictive and logic-defying laws. All of which contributed the company’s persecution and censorship (despite being a leader among the most respectful adult sites online).

They were basically run out of town when they should have been treated like a responsible, profitable and internationally recognized business. All due to porn hysterics rooted in misinformation about adult businesses and adult pornography consumption.

AW’s basic founding premise was that ten years ago most adult content did not depict women being themselves. This is still largely true. But Abby Winters was at the forefront of that particular revolution, and participated heavily in a culture shift that began to place higher value on consumer interests and performer well-being, to foster a healthier adult environment where porn became more authentic, and blossomed. It took off faster than they anticipated; Abby Winters’ founders quickly realized they were not the only ones wanting to see this. So that’s what they showed — and I’m excited that soon they’ll be adding boy-girl fun to the mix.

There is a big congratulations gallery I put together in celebration after the “click to continue” jump. I am now certified for access to poke through their work and select galleries for you with their permission: I went through the very exacting process of becoming an AW affiliate. No joke — like me, they do not let anyone align with their brand simply by signing up. There were many emails exchanged, much examination and a hyooge agreement made between us. I especially appreciated that their content, as a rule, can not ever be presented with language that is disrespectful to the women. No wonder they have such happy ladies and a loyal, ever-growing community.

It is also Larry Flynt’s birthday.

Happy 10th, Abby Winters! Readers please do enjoy the frolic after the jump.

See more sexy Abby Winters in the free tour here.

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  1. It’s so ridiculous that a government’s objections to porn would cause them to ruin a local business that was fighting against the things that truly are objectionable about a lot of porn. What a waste. I’m so glad they’ve kept things going, and I look forward to subscribing on my next paycheck! Thanks, Violet, for turning me on (pun intended) to them and to Girls Out West.

  2. I’ve been a happy AW for subscriber for a couple of years now. While I’m sad that they won’t be able to feature some of my favorite Aussie models anymore, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in Amsterdam. As long as they stick with the same aesthetic and focus on authentic women being themselves, I’ll be continue to be a happy subscriber. Their particular style may not be for everyone, but I love it.

  3. Do they still have the rule prohibiting affiliates from referring to their material as “porn” or “pornography”? Because that was the dealbreaker for me, some years back when I looked into becoming an AW affiliate — I’m not much of a hoops-jumper-through anyway, and they had a lot of hoops, but the bottom line for me was, I’m not going to agree to unreasonable limits on how I can characterize the pictures I put on my sites.

    I know they were still laboring under a very unfavorable legal regime at that time — I’m not saying the rule was unreasonable for them, just that it wasn’t one I could live with. And I was quite happy to carry their display advertising for the nine months or so that they chose to buy some.

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