Monday Nibbles: Sex Science Special

* The study everyone’s talking about today comes from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and it is utterly compelling. Corey Silverberg gives us the juiciest highlights in Largest Survey of American Sexual Behaviors Offers Snapshot of 21st Century American Sex. Read it. (

* There’s a lot of talk about the study in regard to condom use: the media spin talks about how more teens are using them (yay) but use decreases with age — sad to think that people in their 30s and 40s and above need current sex ed. Not being mentioned much is that the study was co-sponsored by Trojan. A big write-up with lots of interesting info on the results is here. (

* This should have gotten much more media noise: last week Representative Barbara Lee (CA-D) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced the Repealing Ineffective and Incomplete Abstinence-Only Program Funding Act. “The bill would transfer funds from the harmful Title V abstinence-only-until-marriage program, which has funneled over half a billion of dollars to the states over the past fifteen years, to the new Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) program, a funding source for comprehensive sexuality education.” Finally! (

* Congrats to occasional-sexy-nurse Madison Young, who announced she is percolating a little feminist!

* Math nerd Jack Trainor gets his hands on Steven Landsburg’s book “More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics” and creates a recipe to test the claim that more sex is safer sex. It’s fascinating to see someone crate a simulation of safer sex in pools, with variables. (

* Using MRI data to conclude that dudes get hard-ons from actual sex and not piles of cash, The American Neuroscience Society published findings in is journal stating that money is not really a turn on, at least for men in their early 20s. At least for the brain: they actually discovered that reactions to sex and money hit two different brain reaction centers. I’d like to see this study applied to women, to see what happens with the whole “we’d prefer diamonds to actually getting laid” mythos… (

Image from the extremely hardcore (you are warned, they range from sexy to disturbing) uncensored illustrated hentai desktops at Konachan.

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  • jv

    hey violet,
    i have a copy of the study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine if you’d like a pdf. It’s got a lot of great stats and raw numbers that aren’t mentioned in the most/any of the media outlets. let me know where to send it if you’d like it. huge fan!

  • That was a pretty small sample and a very weird test.
    Using erotic images vs money? Erotic images do not equal sex and one persons idea of an erotic image is another persons boring picture.
    Eighteen males with an average age of 23 years? Anybody could round up different groups of just 18 males and get various results each time I am sure.

  • Pony

    Maybe the 30-40 year-olds are in monogamous relationships using other birth control or actively seeking pregnancy? My wife’s got the implant, so we rarely use condoms.

  • Beautiful, can’t wait to read it, thanks for the link!