Friday Night Nibbles: For Those Who Prefer Their Links Lengthened

lorelei lee

* Who needs a link shortener? Okay, I’m sick of it now, too… High on the success of their bras promising to make women’s breasts two sizes larger, UK department store retailer Marks and Spencer is doing the same thing for men, ostensibly to give the impression that they have longer linkage than the next blogger. They are delicately called “enhancement pants.” (

* Hegre Art announced their first Nude Photography Workshop where viewers can participate and learn how to take Hegre-flavored nudes (or just ogle their gorgeous models — live) from November 12th to 14th. The models selected for the first workshop are member favorites Stasha and Silvie (but not my Hergre crush, Anna S). (

* In case you missed it, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new book trailer for Orgasmic recently hit YouTube, and it’s fabulous. Watch it! (

* GQ is taking a poll on the 25 sexiest women in rock, with candidates from the 1960s-present. It’s sexy enough, even if the list selection seems a bit schizophrenic. (

* Midweek, female Russian journalism students posed in nothing but lingerie and Photoshop and put together a sexually provocative birthday calendar for Prime Minister Putin (video link). Not all Moscow University’s female journalism students felt the same, and responded with their own calendar that displays young female journalists with hints of bondage — posing real questions such as “Who killed Anna Politkovskaya?” One woman posted pictures from the calendar on her LiveJournal, that are not being sold, but can be printed. (,,

* Queer Porn TV is currently holding a queer porn star casting contest. The deadline for video submissions is October 15, and if you’re in San Francisco this Saturday (tomorrow) they’re having a dance party/peepshow benefit that sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a party. (,

* The Masturbation Gap is a really sharp article on the history or masturbation; sounds boring at first, but seeing someone at Psychology Today flat-out call the first anti-masturbation “thought leaders” con men and proceed to rip them up historically, makes it much more interesting than you’d expect. (

* Not enough self-love? Check out this entertaining summary on How America Masturbates based on that big sex study, writeup courtesy of About: Sexuality. No, “checking Facebook 10,000 times a day” is not on there — yet. (

* SFAppeal’s Christine Borden thinks we’re looking at bisexuality all wrong. OKCupid really kicked a hornet’s nest with their “bisexual preference” post, don’t you think? (,

* Two days ago Margaret Cho, beloved activist for all things LGBT and sex-positive, dedicated her Dancing With the Stars tango to gay Pride and the kids who’ve committed suicide — here’s her dance, and the reactions. It’s intense to see her almost burst into tears, but worth it to see DWTS try and deal with the message in a mixture of awkwardness, welcoming and confusion. But she did it — she said it has to stop in front of a huge audience, even if it was to be her last DWTS dance. We love you, Margaret!

* My fave coverage now also includes The Register (who called it a “sexy URL shortener” and gave me the last word!), The Atlantic (a proper article), and Search Engine Land with the real takeaway about the volatility of the .ly domain space. (,,

* Would you be surprised if I told you I’ve been keeping up with the Lingerie Football League? Touchdown booty drop! I guess I just can’t get enough of tough women being sexy and mean at the same time. Don’t look too deep into that one… (,

Image of Lorelei Lee from this brand-new, hardcore Kink gallery (just posted today).

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  1. Ug, I guess it’s a cute idea, but I like cute, pert, perky breasts I don’t need two sizes bigger, and though i’m not sure there is a male equivalent, can’t we all just be ok with what we have?

    Guys, women would infinitely prefer a guy who can listen to what they want and perform cunnilingus well over a guy with 13 inches of wiffle-ball bat any day of the week (sorry if the references is too American, I’m not familiar with your level of interest in wiffle-ball) =)


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