We Won! Prop 8 “Unconstitutional”

It’s official: Prop 8 has been struck down as unconstitutional (mercurynews.com). I know it’s already going to be appealed by the Mormons and the h8ters and the same asshats who want porn made illegal, but hey — WE WON TODAY!!!!

(The ruling has a 2-day stay.)

I’m about to head down to the Castro to see what’s up and get you some photos. Check for local Prop 8 coverage, fresh video (up now!), celebrations, reactions, statements etc. on SF Appeal’s prop 8 page (nonstop updates) and SFist.

Remember my original “we won” post with Margaret Cho!!? The spirit carried us through. :)

Send me a sexy photo of you kissing your same-sex sweetie with a rainbow flag and I’ll post it with a link!

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