Love This Blog: Fuck Yeah Geek Girls

I just discovered Fuck Yeah Geek Girls (via Porn Hater) and I can’t get enough. There you will see at least two Princess Leia’s from ComicCon making out, subtle upskirt shots avec D20’s, sexy socks and highly erotic glasses (great frames), coy babes amidst stacks of comic books, hotties with game gear and more geek girl sexiness than anyone thought was possible to collect in one place. The best part? It’s authentic. And seldom graphic — people always forget, especially when trying to imitate geek girl hotness, that geek girls are so insanely on fire with sexiness that it doesn’t ever need to be overstated. Though images like this are always welcome (can I have one?).

This is a blog with superb curation. The Tumblogger describes himself thusly: “Me: Male, likes geek girls, nerdy girls, queer girls.”


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  • Rayvyna

    I actually found you through fygg and I’m thoroughly enjoying your site.

  • Kino

    I’m an old-skool admirer of the “geek girl”. Since the days of Scooby Doo on Saturday mornings and I thought Thelma was sexier than Daphne. Loved them knee high socks and short skirts…grrrr, baby.

  • Azzageddi

    I came across Fuckyeahgeekgirls in an article covering fetishes at Comicon, and I love it! You’re right: the best things about it are the authenticity and the sweetness. My reaction to a lot of the pictures is more “Awww! That’s so cute!” than “Whoa, hot!” And while the latter is good and all, the former is a lot harder to find, so it’s very nice to see it.

  • kewl site and blog..
    i luv your podcast!!

  • criolle johnny

    How many batteries does that thing take?!

  • James

    great site, i went through the whole thing lol

  • That site is one of the most awesome photo blogs I have run into lately. Very cool.
    Geek girls are sexy! Thanks for the share.

  • Jerry

    Girls in glasses showing off their geekness + a hot summer = light headed

    I guarantee this would get a lot of likes were Facebook less of a prude

  • Awesome! Thank you for finding this, you totally made my day!!

  • Peter

    No comments yet?!?! I call shenanigans on the internet. Well, I enjoyed the link, so thank you Violet. There were some very cute pictures there… ok, there were some damned hot pictures there. I was pleased to see so many types of women of different ages represented (and so many smiling faces). Geeky girls with glasses definitely make my heart go pitter-pat. :-)

  • Cole Riley

    Violet: Hello. I’d like to ask you a few questions about the porn industry for a magazine article. Nothing too drawn out. But I’d love to get your comments.
    Please reply. Thanks in advance.