Friday nibbles

A few nibbles to pass around the Death Star after your Thursday night stormtrooper three-way. Naughty nerds.

* Stop Porn Culture? It’s an organization that begs to have its own questions answered, and here we find out all kinds of interesting things — including what Penn and Teller think about these anti-porn feminists. (

* News reports of a spray-on drug for premature ejaculation had some journalists raving a bit too soon for sex educators’ tastes on the topic: ask any of us, and we’d happily tell you that the lidocane peen spray is the same stuff in “delay sprays” sold as novelties in janky porn stores around the globe. Numbing agents that will make everyone numb (and hide pain signals) plus oil to break condoms and contribute to vaginal infections, yay. Can’t they come up with something better? I mean, there’s no rush. (

* Like many, I love the combination of food and sexiness: I’m delighted to be slowly exploring Jennifer Lannolo’s superb website Food Philosophy with her Sensuality category and notorious Sex on a Plate. And the lady is all kinds of delicious. (

* Strange erotic photography: Photos showing women with problems or just being beautiful. (

* If you’re on the East Coast of the US on June 12, you could go to Stop Porn Culture’s anti-porn conference; better yet, you can attend the sex-positive unconference Kink For All. Nice timing! That’s also the last day for submissions of support (and to win prizes) for the Our Porn, Ourselves video uncontest, so you can hang out online with me if you want, too. (

* Speaking of, Salon published a thoughtful and interestingly personal post about pro-porn and anti-porn women and feminism (disclosure: I am mentioned in it); check out Feminist war over smut rages on. It’s really interesting seeing the reactions to this. I’m waiting for the backlash. (

* This news article is grisly but it has all the details and none of the bias I’ve seen in other articles about the porn performer who went postal with a Samurai sword a few days ago and is now at large, being hunted by authorities. Photos are creepy and not for the squeamish. See also: LAist’s post with comment from Dana DeArmond. (,

Photo by Jen Anderson via Sex and the 405.

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