Eroto-pop goodness: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

Again, skip these posts if they’re not for you. Today is the premiere day of Lady Gaga’s new video Alejandro, and it’s above. One of my least favorite songs of hers, made into a very tasty video. Things to watch for, among others: sublime rubber fetish couture, bend-over-boyfriend scenes, gun bra. And lots of yummy Gaga nipples.

On a personal note:

This video is exactly how it feels to be an attractive, lonely single straight girl with a lot of gorgeous and sexually flirty gay male friends.

It’s like an echo of dream time subconscious feelings merging with awake time emotional situations. In this way, the video kinds of hurts for me. In the past, I’ve been painfully single while spending my hanging out time with my gay male porn star friends and we go out and play and pretend but then at the end of the night part of me is just like, okay stop. You’re too much of, and at the same time, nothing that I want. Anyway, this video: I get it.

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  1. God bless her for her mainstream-ness. Who the hell else is bringing high concept art to the masses? it’s not Matthew Barney or anyone else you’ll find hanging in the MOMA… it’s Gaga. Her presence in the spotlight is paving the way for a more tolerant and open minded society when it comes to self expression (and hopefully towards greater acceptance of non-straight sexuality). I imagine most people in older generations dismiss what she does, but the kids who adore her are being inspired by what she does… digging deeper to seek out her influences and feeling freer to express themselves than they would be if she wasn’t around. I doubt Britney or Christina inspired anything the likes of what Gaga has been able to achieve with her fan base. It’s inspiring as hell.

  2. I’m with deepjunky on this one. Imagining you as lonely just doesn’t compute. Half the male human population would probably love to to show you a good time girl. (- probably some interstellar ones too…)

    I’ve never really been much for Lady Gaga. Sure she’s cute’ish – Sometimes, but her music is a bit too mainstream. – In my opinion at least ;)

  3. I like Gaga’s videos, for the most part, but the fetishy stuff doesn’t do it for me. Not my fetishes :)

    “This video is exactly how it feels to be an attractive, lonely single straight girl with a lot of gorgeous and sexually flirty gay male friends.”

    Is that better or worse than being an attractive, lonely single straight girl surrounded by horny straight guys?

    That’s a serious question; I ask because in the social circles I move in (science and tech-heavy) that seems to be the situation more women find themselves in; and since you inhabit some of those same circles, it occurred to me you might be familiar with both situations. I’m just curious how they compare.

  4. thank you for being honest about how you related to the video!
    i’ve been a gaga champion for a while now (her first album was released in canada before the US) and i loved this song when it leaked last fall in its demo stage. i initially didn’t try to ponder what the lyrics meant but last month when gaga confirmed that it was about a straight girl pining for her gay male friend, the little twenty year old inside me sobbed.

    i chased gay men for years and the only way that i can rationalize it is that i was morbidly obese at the time and found myself disgusting. chasing gay men let me experience the thrill of “romance” while not having to deal with the physical aspect.

    i will forever love gaga for giving voice to the unrequited love in-between a girl and her “gay”. the fact that the entire world will be jamming to this song, brings a smile to my subversive heart :)

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