Uncensored: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Not Myself Tonight’

I’m strangely disappointed by this. I mean, I love eroto-pop moments. And the Swarovski ball gag = WANT. But I think I expected more. There are no layers. Nothing happens in it. Some of it is hot, but it’s all a bit obvious. It’s like someone thought they should put all this stuff together but they didn’t understand why.

I think I’m even more judgmental because there aren’t any Lady Lucie designs in it. Aguilera will be wearing Lady Lucie for more work with the album I’m told, but not in this video.

Watch it for yourself, and if you like it, please disagree with me.

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  1. I agree with Lady Fabulous – there’s a lot of Madge send up here. The blonde fro, the monocle w/ suit, the lighting, the licking from a plate then pouring it on herself (oh, but, this stuff was black – totally different – not really).
    I think what it might really come down to is that Xtina might be interested in bdsm fetish but it’s probably not HER thing – there’s no soul to what she’s playing with.
    The vid reads like a girl playing in a fetish store “ooh, look at this thing – this might be fun” rather than “look what I created to satisfy my urges”
    She may “not be herself tonight” but she’s still pretty vanilla.

  2. I completely agree. Christina is so much better than this. I really love her. I love her song “It keeps getting better” and have been awaiting the new album but this is disappointing. I think it was just done to be shocking. Bad Romance was so well done that we could count all the fetishes. I agree this seems to be just a random mesh of Madonna and Gaga. The idea seems to be that she’s not herself because she’s being everyone else, but that doesn’t seem like Christina. She’s always been about paving her own road, standing out. If she wants to show herself as not the same girl because she’s engaging in naughty, bdsm, behavior I think there are better ways to do it.

  3. Hmm. It’s hard for me to approach this, because the whole video is built around fetish props, and none of them are for my fetishes. As a result, it keeps being almost-sexy and then falling flat. (For what it’s worth, most of Lady Gaga’s videos have the same effect, or lack thereof, on me.)

    Now, if you took a redhead, and put her in an ever-so-slightly-transparent cotton sundress and bare feet, then I would have to mumble, “Excuse me” and retire to a private room for about fifteen minutes. But the gags and the heels and the vinyl… eh, not my kink.

    (And just in case it’s not clear: there is of course nothing wrong with Not My Kink; I’m not saying Aguilera or Gaga or anyone else has an obligation to cater to my personal tastes. As the old saying goes, it’s a good job we don’t all like the same thing, or what a shortage of porridge there’d be. All I’m saying is it makes it difficult for me to compare this video to any of Lady Gaga’s, because neither are really meant for me.)

  4. The ball gag was great, and I have to say the bejewelled crotch on that white, uh, deep V piece was also rather hot. But that’s about all that stood out for me in the video.

    It seemed like a rehashing of Madonna’s Human Nature without the edge of it being the 90’s and everyone’s tolerance for blatant sexuality on TV being much more limited. … particularly when she torched the clothes while in that really outta control frizzy hair, and all her platinum-white locks, it seems like she’s channeling Madonna (or trying to).

  5. @Frozen Summers – thanks, was wondering why nothing was showing up. Ugh! Anyhoo, found the HD video on YouTube. I think it would have been more interesting (and fitted better with the song) if they’d ditched the dancers, dropped the number of costume changes, and just multiple Xtinas together doing the various roleplays. But then, that would make some sense, so obviously I’m not cut out to be a music video producer… :D

  6. Christina Aguilera never did have any layers; she was never winking or being subtle in any way when proclaiming herself a Bad, Dirty Girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love her music and I think she’s a wonderful singer and performer, but Lady Gaga has raised the bar pretty high, has she not?

    Totally agree about the sparkly gag, and all the other killer fetish fashion.

  7. I agree with you, no layers and it does seem like a sequence of imagery without intention. Some impressive costuming, though! What I kept looking at (perhaps because I am a mum of 2) was Christina’s impressive post-baby body. Kudos to her for that if nothing else!

  8. Boring & safe? Yes. But my main issue with Bad Romance was that the camera work was so shaky I couldn’t tell what was going on with the choreography, & it’s just not really a video to me without dancing. So I was pleased with that.

  9. I really want to say that the video is supposed to be sort of poking fun at all of the comparisons to Lady Gaga that Christina has been getting lately. It just seems to blatantly like it should have been a Gaga video, and when mixed with a song title of “Not myself tonight” I can’t imagine it wasn’t done on purpose.

    I just don’t think the director quite pulled it off. Its blatantly a Gaga video, but not obviously enough a jab at one.

    At least that’s what I hope, because otherwise I’m disappointed too. :p

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