Toy store scandals: Good Vibes and the alien cult

Last week an article I had been writing and researching for several weeks went live on SF Appeal: Good VIbrations and the Clitoris Saving Alien Cult is an investigative piece you won’t want to miss. It was just such a bizarre story it had to be explored; I’m reposting about it here because I realized in talking and emailing with colleagues this weekend that some people who wanted to read it might have missed it. I also felt it should be blogged here, as this is turning out to be quite a time for sex toy store scandals; more on that in a few days. Also, I’m pretty proud of this article. It even looks like a Raelean commented on it. Go see the strangeness for yourself. Snip:

Even among casual observers of businesses that call themselves “adult”, there is an expectation that these companies, on occasion, will do some pretty weird things. It is sex, after all. Companies that sell purple plastic bunnies for sexual gratification are bound to do some pretty nutty things to sell their wares, and thus live in a twilight of edgy conversations, inappropriate humor and occasionally desperate logic.

It is also a business built by both shady transactions and cults of personality — outsider heroes, the risk-taking underdog champions, sexy rebels. Also because the subject is sex they are no strangers to attack. When criticism is leveled, it is an industry known to circle the wagons, and unquestionably protect their own. Which is exactly how San Francisco’s leading adult retailer Good Vibrations got themselves in trouble with an anti-Islamic religion presenting themselves as a humanitarian organization. (…more,

Photo by [PascalBlacke].

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