Monday nibbles: Oh so many nibbles

In case you’re at all wondering, I’m on four book deadlines right now. Two anthologies, two how-to guides. I’m really excited about one of the books; it is going to be an unexpected surprise. Meanwhile, the very notion of sex (if not the act, or lack of) continues to make people act all kinds of crazy-pants. We observe:

* Breadpig gave me props for the Spam Fortune Cookies post, yay! The great thing I discovered is that they are from the same people who made BRAWNDO. Love the commercials! (,

* The NYT ran a scare piece a couple weeks ago about so-called “porn addiction in women” without any unbiased counterpoint whatsoever, resulting in an internet-wide outbreak of irresponsible regurgitation of the fact-free, non-epidemic. I think I got some on my Fluevogs. Glad no one asked them any hard questions! At least I got to see what a total racket this lucrative little cottage industry of shame is; poking around the Dirty Girls sites plus a little math equals tidy sums made on making women feel bad for masturbating. Now that’s dirty. These people are putting pro-doms out of work, I tell ya. Ms. Naughty weighed in on their tactics. (

* The US courts ruled last week that sex offenders can be jailed past their sentences. Because, you know, the justice system just sort of works. You served your sentence… Just kidding! Big Brother will see you now. (

* Take a trip down memory lane with this “news” item on cable porn that is so delightfully retro, it might have been breaking in 1999. Then join me in a struggle to find the point, or any data that backs its claim. Did no one tell the LAT to ‘puff puff pass‘? (

* Last week Google’s developer conference came to SF and generally made being an Apple fan look as predictable as an American political sex scandal, but you know, without the sex. (Hey at least the Duchess of Pimp gets her toes sucked.) During a presentation on Google TV, one of the search screens accidentally offered up at least one employee’s taste in MILF-y goodness (scroll down and examine the pics). (

* Aside: check out the Boombox stats for phone downloads by gender. Girls rule. You better listen to us. (

* Before the sentence was handed down, I read this fascinating article about a Chinese man who held swinger’s parties and had been caught by the Chinese government, and faced prison. The article is a look at China, consensual sex culture and online sexual behaviors in current Chinese culture unlike anything I had ever seen, and not like anything I expected. For instance, did you know that around 90% of working Chinese believe that gays should not face discrimination in the workplace? Oh fuck that; you don’t want an interesting story, you just want to see jokes made about sex in headlines announcing his prison sentence, right? ::facepalm (,

* I’ll be adding more to this controversy in the coming week with new information, but in the meantime Eros Blog can get you up to speed on the latest scandal and crisis that is ripping through the sex ed, sex blogging and online sex communities — all centered around the practices of an online sex toy retailer, and the vital importance of reputation in online sex writing. (

Seriously frightening AXE ad via Adrants.

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