Geeks Exposed addresses what we want

There is so much fake and poser-y cashing in on sexy geeks these days it’s frustrating for those of us who want real sexy geeks. It’s usually either models who have no geek cred posing for paysites, or old media applying their tired old stereotypes to real life and missing the mark entirely. (Read: douches being so busy trying to cash in on the demand for sexy geeks that they can’t be bothered to understand the simple yet essential combo of flirtyhot and geekysmart). When I see something marketed as a sexy geek thing or “girls of the Internet” the first thing I look for, besides ogling the babes, is how they’re trying to make a buck. I’ve had enough of pornstars who hire social media gurus to reinvent their careers (especially when we have HOT multi-language coding pornstars like Sinnamon Love), and I see so many real life sexy geeks that it makes me frustrated when I see yet more cluelessness in the hunt for, and depiction of, this delicious prey.

The point of this, is that when Ed sent me a link to Geeks Exposed, I had a tingle of hope for the future of sexy geekery. GE is just hot boys and girls that are young and fresh and awkwardly delicious sexy geeks. No models, no fakers, and no profit motive. I also like that there are more guys than girls on this site — I kind of wish it was the model for a dating site. There is a lot of potential here.

But hey, if you prefer certain standards of beauty for your fantasy material, I’ll always have you covered. I am bi-geek. (Note that Athena Hollow is on the site.) I just hope that Geeks Exposed is a signal shift for a more authentic kind of smarty-pants eye candy of the future.

Image of Leesie’s 1up panties.

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  1. The need to keep the standards high is certainly there, and I commend you for carrying the torch so well, however I think this post gets a touch too close to pretension for me.

    I am slightly biased tho. I think niches tend to take themselves too seriously, probably subconsciously, to create barriers to entry.

    Or maybe I’m jaded. But what I think is important is what tickles, not how you got there. And if you got there by some, less than purist ways, that just causes the dissonance that generates more creativity.

    I was looking for a way to send a direct email – but it wasn’t going to say much more than “great job!” anyway.
    Thanks for the work!

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