Eroto-pop goodness: Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me”

This should make up for the Christina Aguilera disappointment we suffered recently, having been promised a squeak of fetishy perspicacity but instead getting a steaming hot delivery of Old Madonna. And no one wants that. No, Beyonce has my number in this one, at least: it’s a sexyhot nonpareil sendup of Bettie Page with retro fetish lingerie to die for and a side of dacryphilia. I notice that Beyonce moved her channel to Vimeo — which is great because the quality is better than YouTube and they have HTML5 versions of all the videos. I find it interesting after Sony shut down her YouTube account for copyright violation in March (of her own work, the idiots).

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  1. If this were a stronger song I could see liking it. If the message in the song was acutally meaningful to girls today. If it didn’t end with “I guess it’s because you’re….dumb” But as it is all this video tells me is that a woman who makes herself sexually available to her love interest, even if she’s suzy homemaker on the side, isn’t lovable or marriage material in today’s world. Still. The caricature of this ‘type’ of woman is kind of nauseating. (But typical of Beyonce songs and videos)

  2. SNOOOZE!! You MUST be kidding, V. Yet another established “star” trying to imitate Lady G. Sorry, cute costumes and a synthesized drum machine don’t make up for lack of originality or talent.

  3. I probably shouldn’t have watched this just before a meeting. whoa.

    And you *know* this will be popular at good drag shows… I thank Mad Men for bringing the cool back.

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