A quick thanks to the highlighted May sponsors

I’m proud to handpick my sponsors, and lucky you put up with my shout-outs. June sponsors are just around the corner, and I wanted to give big props to May’s top placement supporters who are ethical, attentive to my needs and crazy ideas, and cool with my demands for artwork that you’ll like — most of what you see in the sidebar was created to my specifications for this site. Rub your mouse on the people who take good care of Alex and I:

* BDSM.com — new on the dating, community and hookup scene, this site turned out to be popular with readers. The blogs are plentiful and interesting; I think they’re off to a good start. Glad I tried something different here, and with such cool and attentive webmasters (they love my books!)

* Babeland — big, big ups to Babeland for having not only what I consider the “Whole Foods” of sex toy stores (I mean that in a good way) and for having such a great staff: I love chatting with marketers who are fully trained sex educators. They’re also having a big sale this weekend for the holiday, do check it out.

* Girls Out West — when they rolled out galleries this month, I was ecstatic. And even moreso when Annie and I got going via email about what we think you might want to see in the future. Australia, yay!

* Coco De Mer USA — a longtime sponsor, you complete the sophisticate’s toybox. Thank you.

Above: Babeland’s demo of the amazing new G-Ki.

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