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* Pretty much everyone agrees at this point that news media behaves irresponsibly in some manner, or has done so, about something. But it boggles the mind as to why they blatantly, consistently disregard fact when it comes to sexuality. I mean, it’s getting ridiculous. I know you’re going to tell me “consider the source” on this one, but I think that using misleading statements about rape is pretty over the line. Read this great criticism of Fox’s recent reportage in Philadelphia Weekly’s Watch Your Language. (, via Charlie Glickman)

* Two things I geek out on, in one place: infographics and boobs. Yay! Please enjoy The State of Boobs. (

* It’s a topic close to my — everything — and maybe not necessarily needed by you, dear reader, but I really enjoyed Doing It In the Duke City: Ladies, it’s time to let go of your porn inhibitions. Note the violently hateful comment after such a light and pleasant piece — that just happens to be about women watching porn. You’ve come a long way, baby. Only to get slapped for wanting to take the journey in the first place… (, disclaimer: I’m mentioned in the article)

* O spectre of female Viagra, you’re haunting us like The Ghost of Feminine Hysteria Past. The best part of ABC’s “new” Viagra for women piece is learning the new acronym for lady-ED: it’s FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder). Of course, there is no mention of the male counterpart, which I have to guess must be MSAD. So mmmm-sad! But I think we can drop the repetition — “sexual” and “arousal” seem redundant in this instance. We shall call the female version of impotence as related to viagra research “FAD” and its forcibly platonic partner “MAD”. Yes? (

* The Southern California reality show about porn performers and workplace safety has returned for a new season, in which the HIV organization who started the CAL/OSHA and Department of Health investigation is now targeting porn performers’ agents. (I first wrote about them for the San Francisco Chronicle in Porn Workplace Safety.) This story should be watched closely for a variety of reasons: the born-again Christian undercurrent, the very real health issues, and that we can be fairly certain that only one side of this will be told fairly. I’m not on anyone’s side; I just think something’s not right on all sides of the fence. (

* This week a Japanese porn actress and pinup had people wondering if porn is going to be the thing which cracks open The Great Firewall of China. Twitter is forbidden in China, but AOI Sola is the star of AV actress entices Chinese netizens to go on Twitter. (

* The Vatican totally lost their minds about gayness this week. It’s epic, in the sense of “epic FAIL” to live in reality with the rest of us, and must be a huge disappointment to many Catholics. The Vatican says that gay people have sex with children, period. “Gay groups and politicians condemned Pope Benedict’s number two on Wednesday for calling homosexuality a “pathology” and linking it directly to sexual abuse of children.” (

* Imagine how much I swooned when I discovered that I’m being followed on Twitter by Lady Lucie. She’s the brilliant talent behind Christina Aguilera’s new rubber couture — do not miss looking at Lady Lucie’s stunning designs, and join me in awe. Lots and lots of sexy hot WANT is on Lady Lucie’s Greatest Show On Earth. (

And now, Tila Tequila at a NYC strip club last night:

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