Bigger bombshells bring it on

“No one wants to see curvy women.” –Karl Lagerfeld

O, rly?

I’ve been looking for an excuse to point you to this month’s V Magazine’s Curves Ahead photo spread, featuring several sexily undressed models with more padding than the average couture coathangar — it’s a hell of a shoot that does not shy away from the undeniable linkage our brains make between taboo, size and female sexuality. It’s not for everyone: I’ve noticed that for every fan of my friend, popular porn star and fetish model April Flores, there’s someone who feels like fat babes touch a raw nerve, and their reactions are not nearly as pretty, polite or graceful as Fatty D. Case in point is the Sociological Images piece Contradictions In The Depiction Of “Plus Size” Model Crystal Renn. It appears that even as Glamour and Harper’s jumped on the plus-sized trend, they still felt squeamish enough about a fleshy female body to airbrush Renn smaller and smoother than in real life (missing the point of her allure altogether). (Tip: thanks Praemedia!)

We like women of all sizes and colors around here, even when we prefer one variation over another — I’ll always endeavor to post something for everyone with an eye toward refined porn and the enlightened consumer. But if you want more high-calorie hot sauce and less of these slimming words, check out Corpulent’s posts, Crystal Renn in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, May 2009 + Women I Love + Crystal Renn by Matt Jones (n00d!), Crystal Renn in Elle Canada, Jan 2010.

Do you have a favorite porn star or erotic model who is larger than most? Let me know…

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  1. Latecomer to this party, but…

    Plus size modeling is great; seeing more non-straight-size (a.k.a. non-size-zero or two) models, in both erotica and fashion, is a good in itself. But it only gets to be “normal” when we stop making a big deal out of it. The day we see straight-size, plus-size, and “average-size” (sizes 6 through 12) models in the same photoshoot, without commentary, is the day I’ll be satisfied that we’re appreciating sexiness rather than just size. Also, there is often a visible difference between women who are naturally slender and women who are underfed. In the latter case, it’s kind of a boner-killer to hug someone and then worry that you might crack a rib.

    I also faintly resent the “real women have curves” speeches. As a size 6 gal, I feel caught in the middle — one minute the world is frowning at me because I’m not “making the effort” to be pin-thin, and the next everyone is celebrating the size 12 for her womanliness. Women in the middle count too!

  2. Plus-size model shoots are missing the whole point.

    It shouldn’t really matter what kind of women you see in the media. I never see women who look like me in fashion or entertainment (size 6, athletic build). When was the last time you saw a model with quads poking out of her miniskirt? It doesn’t matter much, though. We’re adults; we don’t really need images to flatter us; no big deal.

    The thinness of models isn’t a “body image” issue, it’s a worker safety issue. Their contracts require them to be too thin for good health. Fashion models are young — often under 16 — and frequently foreign. A young girl hoping for a better life in the US is in a vulnerable position and is easily locked into an exploitative contract.

    Occasional magazine shoots with plus-sized models won’t solve that problem.

    In my dreams, the industry would self-regulate by requiring models to get a checkup from a doctor. If you don’t have a clean bill of health, leading designers should refuse to employ you. It’s quite possible to be thin and healthy, or big and healthy, which is why BMI is a bunk indicator; it would be much better to have a medical exam (and, because I’m sadistic, a timed mile run.)

  3. Wow. It’s amazing how polarizing something like someone’s weight can be! I’ve been 23 pounds “underwieght” and 50 lbs “overwieght. Strangely my modeling and porn career took off at a size 12-16. Did I get much play as a “pin thin” ? Actually no, and my clothes didn’t fit so well either. (Niether did the OD and clincal death I suffered as a result of drugs due to feeling sorry for my “oh I’m so fat at 100 lbs!” bullcrap I believed at the time) Now as an average woman (according to many studies) I feel happier then ever. I have a great partner, and friends ,including Carlos Batts and April Flores, whose goal to show folks that different is sexy and so we make movies about it. I am honoured to be included in one of her latest, Dangerous Curves, with folks who really do appreciate curvier women including my husband Art Nuveau who proved to me there is a large world of admirers for folks of size.
    You don’t have to look at my ample bottom,or breasts, if it’s not your thing. There is plenty out there in porno land for every conceivable taste there is. Am I unhealthy? No. Actually quite the contrary. I think we should concider America’s diet. Fast food, rising Diabetes etc. and notice that there are a lot of mixed messages out there in the media.
    In the people of colour community, I see a lot less people trippin’ on curves. On the runways they feel the need for “walking hangers” to display their creations. I have heard that designers like Karl, prefer to represent what he feels is sexy, pin thin, looking like lil boys models. That’s his thing, however I do find it funny that he does a shoot in the same mag with a curvy model which again sends those mixed signals.

    April is trancending what folks feel as the weight status quo, a true star in that quailty that folks feel her glow rather then trip on her tummy.

    Also I suggest folks, type in Leonard Nimoy’s “Body Project” in your search engine, he had a most amazing transformation in his idea of beauty when he met the women of the Fat Bottom Revue Burlesque troupe from the Bay area.

    There really is no such thing as “normal” when you think about it, each one of us is so individual, our tastes our own. After the late 80’s and 90’s Porn customers waxed nostalgic for the golden age of porn. (Seka anyone?) Also opening the gates for other markets to florish and one of them being the “Plus Size” market.

    Commercial society is driven by money so the best way to talk is with your dollars. Many men are coming out of the plushy closet, no longer worrying what their Playboy buddies are thinking of them. I appreciate these folks for taking a stand and the Queer community to consistantly supporting our art. They are all the real heros for being the Vouyer’s to our filmed fantasys.

    Love and work with what you got, big , small or inbetween, that’s confidence and that’s sexy.

  4. To echo comments above, I find healthy women to be attractive. Anorexia and obesity alike aren’t healthy or attractive. I don’t see what’s so terrible about being attracted to a BMI firmly within the healthy/normal range.

  5. just to add to the rabble- I like photos like this, but it’s always the tag line that annoys me “women that look like, well, women.” Implying that those of us who are thin are… what, exactly? I’m not sure they’re making their point if they’re antagonizing the other side.

  6. Isn’t Karl Lagerfeld a homosexual like most designers. Isn’t there something rather odd about a homosexual man designing clothing for anorexic women and making disparaging comments about women with curves? Who the fuck is this guy, anyway?

  7. @ Black Pearl
    Easy now. I think you may be so prepared for someone to get on an anti-fat soapbox that you’re reading things into my comment that aren’t actually there.

    As I said, those photos are hot, and the women in them are hot. Confidence and curves is a sexy-as-hell combination. I’m just saying that it makes me a little uncomfortable that we hold them up as some kind of iconic alternative to all the scrawny little waifs we usually see. The alternative to unusual should be normal. Normal as in ‘average’ – not unusual in the opposite direction.

    Although, what I think I’d really like to see is a mix. Not just talking porn here, but in fashion, advertising, whatever. Big, scrawny, middle-of-the-road, you name it. You know what I mean… a variety, just like ‘normal’ people.

  8. These women are damn sexy and I want to see more! April Flores certainly has been a trend setter and I am hoping there will be others to follow her lead. I keep an eye out in the porn DVD releases for titles focusing on curvy or larger women… or simply normal ladies, and even though some of these titles have featured some hot women, most don’t seem to continue working in the biz. As it is, Cladia Marie is another such performer whom I discovered last year in DVDs from Naughty America.

  9. @ Ken Thomas
    If you’re deciding what “normal” is, then no. If your healthy, I don’t care what size you are. You should examine your own discomfort instead of asking women to fit your standard.

    Writing about fat sex always brings out the wannabe Richard Simmonses who want to rescue the poor, unhealthy girls (and boys) by shaming them about their weight.

    Violet, the sad thing is that after April Flores, L and I couldn’t really think of any other fat erotic performers who’ve made that sort of headway (and if anyone should know, it’d be us). April has definitely been a pioneer, and hopefully a game changer.

  10. Thank you so much for linking to my blog, Violet!

    I am a fat blogger, so I see the same old anti-fat arguments all the time: obesity isn’t healthy/attractive, these pictures glorify obesity, what about ‘normal’ women. Blah blah blah.

    Size is not an indicator of health. Thin does not automatically equate to healthiness (we all know someone who can eat whatever they like and stay slim) just as fat does not automatically equate to unhealthiness.

    These pictures do not glorify fatness, they just recognise that fat exists. The lack of positive representations of fat women in the media hasn’t prevented obesity, so these pictures won’t encourage it. All it’ll lead to is people feeling better about themselves. (On a side note, I find the idea of ‘glorifying’ obesity so ridiculous. It’s not like we’re shouting from rooftops “OH MY GOD, IT IS SO AWESOME BEING FAT. YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY IT. HERE, HAVE MY BURGER.”)

    All women are real women. The fat, the skinny, the jiggly, the bony, the anoxerics, the binge eaters, the transgenders, the ones you would fuck and the ones you wouldn’t. All of them are normal.

    Finally, my favourite plus size porn star is without a doubt Miss Fortune. She is so gorgeous, she makes me feel all carsick inside.

  11. While the photos (and the models in them) are undeniably hot, I have to admit I’m a litttle uncomfortable with the idea that glorifying the bodies of women who are overweight, is an appropriate reaction to being bombarded by the bodies of women who are underweight.

    Can’t we just have a little more ‘normal’?

  12. I love bigger women. curves and all. With the skinny ones I am always worried that they are going to snap in half. O and as far as the weight thing goes I am currently 235 lbs and have a 11% body fat (athlete level for guys), but I stay that way because it makes me happy. I work out a lot because I enjoy it, the last thing I would do is force it on or over look someone because they dont. My girlfriend is bigger and to me she so sooooo sexy. I have always found myself watching porn that has bigger women in it.

  13. “Do you have a favorite porn star or erotic model who is larger than most? Let me know…”

    Me! Of Course! :)

    Kurt, BMI is shit for determining health.
    A lot of NFL players, and I’m not talking about the linemen, are considered obese by BMI standards.

  14. I’m rather fond of Marlo Davis. He’s so dreamy! ;)

    I’m not so fond of the health police a la criolle johnny and the BMI police a la Kurt, but no surprises there. Don’t worry, guys, yer attitudes are way unsexier (and unhealthier) than big ladies and lads are.

  15. There’s a difference between lean and skinny/anorexic. There’s also a difference between curvy and obese. The former is healthy, the latter is not.

    Compare the Lagerfield models with the Schwab picture. The Schwab model has pronounced hipbones, which makes me wonder if the breasts are genuine. No questions whatsoever about the Lagerfield portraits!

    Both are lovely.

  16. I hate how every time a model is bigger than a size 0-2, they are referred to in such terms as ‘high-calorie’ or ‘extra-padded’ (just because they are larger than tiny does not necessarily mean the woman gluttons herself).
    Conversely, I also dislike how severely obese women have taken on on the labels ‘curvy’ and ‘voluptuous’ (I think that words shouldn’t be adopted in such ways as what could imply that being unhealthily overweight or dangerously underweight is supposed to be the epitomy of what a ‘real woman’ is)

    It sadly seems that in the eyes of the general public, obese is considered what is supposed to be ‘normal’ and ridiculously thin is the ideal yet thought of as ‘unrealistic’ (and just aside – what of those women who are in-between?) Instead of creating a world where boney vs obese in the media, couldn’t women celebrate their individual beauty and put value on their health?

    The women you have presented are all beautiful in their own right. I personally am not a fan of either extremity in regards to weight, but I do recognise that some people are, and some women can not help the weight that they are or aren’t. We all have our personal taste, but it is still good to see all sorts of women, of all sorts of sizes and colouring, personality, and unique-ness. :)

  17. I used to “read” a magazine called Voluptuous and I’ve always preferred women with curves (and then some). Until I found my own voluptuous gal. But I used to dig Brandy Talore/Taylor, Angela White, Nicole Peters and Kerry Marie. All big, beautiful women.

  18. Size zero and size two aren’t healthy; they’re anorexic! There’s nothing wrong with being thin, but these skin-and-bones models we see in the magazines aren’t attractive! I would define “normal” as a size six, eight or ten. Women are SUPPOSED to have curves! That’s what makes them sexy!

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