A pornographic palate cleanser

Image by Bob Coulter from this gallery.

Erotic entertainment for the purpose of titillation has been missing from these posts for a bit; hopefully this post will restore some balance. I’ve got a lot stored up, and hopefully there’s something you like in the following very explicit handpicked selections I’ve made.

* Lazerbunny has tattooed Cerise Cyn in a smiley fellatio shoot; erotic photo luminary Bob Coulter shot this hot set with Mistress Astrid that just surfaced at SuperModernDomme. If you like the look and feel of Lazerbunny, here’s my tour code with plenty of freebees.

* Boys in trouble, girls having fun — in the UK, courtesy of the lovely ladies at PureCFNM (short for clothed female, naked male). Dave gets trapped under the bed while four women take advantage of his exposed bottom half; a well-hung nightclub owner loses control at the hands of four dancers; at the office five cute girls literally rip the clothes off the IT geek when he arrives to help solve their computer issues; handcuffed to a bed, a boy who was left as a present for girls’ night is made to orally please all the girls; and wow, three girls find out it’s really 12 inches long.

* Over at Explicite Arte (French glamour amateurs), it’s sweet and hardcore — Lola Bruna and Rico Simmons, Asian hottie Sharon Lee and Rico, and Lea Fast and Graziella seem to be happy size queens (with Tito F).

* Girls on girls only, please? Got you covered with Sapphic Erotica. Flash video: two blondes in bed licking; a pair of brunettes with fingers and toys; a pair in pigtails by the pool add a fist to the fun; and here’s some very soft and pretty lesbian candlelight lovemaking.

* If soft and pretty isn’t your style, there are some interesting shoots popping up over on Kink‘s sites. On Divine Bitches, Madison Young joins forces with a domme and tops three men to cruelly “milk” them; this dominatrix has a cute dress; Mistress Madline’s live shoot looks intense. BDSM with sex: a man and woman dominate another girl; Ariel X tops Riley Shy; Lorelei Lee returns for an all-girl BDSM threesome; this “tax collector” scenario might get revisited in April. Hey — was this Public Disgrace scene shot at BrainWash cafe in SOMA? And I’m amazed at just how public this one is

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really good at finding free porn. Any requests for upcoming posts?

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  1. Actually you are totally right Trix! Where is the action where all attention is equally shared? And men are never using vibrators. I really don’t understand why.

    I know this isn’t exactly related, but maybe Violet, you can pick up on this and can answer – why are sex toys for men generally lousy? I realize that according to some social stigma, men are supposed to “not need sex toys” or something lame and therefore there has been little market development in this area. But for few I’ve tried, its really been a disappointment. My partner has really encouraged me to experiment, and given the satisfaction she can derive from a well designed vibrator, I hoped to find the same experience. But alas, I can’t find anything equal, not even close! So is there something out there I am missing? Any chance some company is pioneering a new direction in male sex toys?

  2. Add another name to the list of those clamoring for MMF! (Though I have the opposite complaint Resident has: all the MMF I find has the men being careful to never touch, which drives me completely insane. I’d love to see something where everybody is equally hot for each other.) Meanwhile, perhaps you know the answer to my forlorn question: we all know vibrators are for guys too, so WHY do I never see any porn involving boys with toys? (Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen them use dildos and plugs, but it’s just not the same.) I yearn to see a lovely, innocent young buck strip down and succumb to electric joy, perhaps with the help of some of his sweet twink buddies. And of course, a classic locker room scene (gear fetishism forever!) or shower room scenario will always thrill me.

  3. Some bi-MMF would be appreciated. In everything I alway find, the men always seem sooo much more into each other than the woman. Where is there porn with hot bi action where the girl still gets most of the attention, or its 50/50? How about with amateurs? I really haven’t found much here.

    Other interest, the ongoing never-ending search for porn that involves actual loving couples engaging in kinky and passionate sex with maybe some decent production values? I appreciate the lighting and overall quality of porn made by big companies like Wicked etc, but I want to really get a sense of the love between the people. I know Its out there, I’ve found it and it is a simple enough request, but why is it always so hard to find? Good luck!

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