If you’ve ever wondered what those Met Art photo shoots are really like…

I really admire the beauty in those European pinup models (and big-name photographers) at Met Art and generally regard their work highly — the combination of tasteful and explicit content with fairly wholesome-looking, natural ladies unarguably puts our domestic men’s magazines to shame. But I’ve always wondered what the vibe is during the shoots, and what it’s all like.

Then I got an email with this link to video of a number of photo shoots with cute model Chantelle :)

Very cool. After watching it, I went into the free gallery database and found a couple of galleries with Chantelle for research purposes, of course, but interestingly I also found a couple of the scenarios shown in her video. I love this one with the heart shaped locket. Posed, but pretty. This set called Famous is in the video, as is this gorgeous set in natural light and shadows (main post image source). Neat stuff. Enjoy!

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