Friday nibbles: The latest sex news and more

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Lots of interesting things going on in the world of sex… nibble away!

* I am appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show next Tuesday, November 17th — the topic is women, erotica and pornography. I’m on the show with Jenna Jameson (heard of her?) and the PR materials call my work for Oprah “ground breaking and eye opening.” Yes, I’m hysterically excited! As soon as this post is done, I’m hitting the gym… again. More info is on my Facebook fan page.

* What’s interesting about this interview with actor Carla Guigno about her role as a pregnant porn star in the upcoming film “Women in Trouble” isn’t necessarily the role she’s playing. It’s the way she’s playing it: she loves the character. So much, in fact (and you’d miss it if you didn’t look for it) that she is currently blogging as the character Elektra Luxx — and it’s a sex blog. That’s so very hot. (,

* Speaking of sexy actors, we all love Tricia Helfer as our #1 Battlestar babe — and in the new photo book “Barely Private” she goes fully nude. A scan of her in the non-Cylon flesh is here. (, via Fleshbot)

* It’s not new, but it’s newsworthy and interesting to add into the conversations about future sex using brain implants. Yes, brain implants. And, it centers on a woman trading inhibitions for pleasure. “At its most frequent, the patient self-stimulated throughout the day, neglecting personal hygiene and family commitments. A chronic ulceration developed at the tip of the finger used to adjust the amplitude dial and she frequently tampered with the device in an effort to increase the stimulation amplitude.” Check out The Curious Case of a Woman Addicted to Her Brain Implant. (, thanks Praemedia)

* The Gardisil shot for boys: it should be happening. With 1 in 3 people carrying HPV, what’s the problem? What — it’s not manly enough? May I suggest they rename it “Dudeasil”? Guys spread it, too, but the research into a male vaccine has lagged three years behind research for women. Read the details and watch a video about it in Oral Sex, Vaccines and Other Dangerous Pursuits. (

* Sex education in Spain is getting everyone’s panties in a bunch, except for those who think that a rational and practical approach to nonjudgmental sex ed is the right thing to do. In Spanish region takes hands-on approach to sex education read about how “The campaign includes leaflets, flyers, a “fanzine” and workshops for the young in which they receive instruction on self-pleasuring techniques along with advice on contraception and self-respect.” The last line in the article is snarky and smug, like we expect a Guardian UK piece to be. (

* It’s about time someone created a relevant porn and erotic entertainment awards event. Sarah Palin’s Levi Jonston attended and accepted an award. The Palins are just so bizarre, and it seems like they will always and forever have some media tie with porn. (,

* Did you know that in the original From Here to Eternity, Frank Sinatra’s character was ‘gay-for-pay’ (and kinda liked it), but it was totally censored? Me neither. (

* In Chuck Palahniuk‘s book Snuff he references my book Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus (also: UK) — the novel’s entire suggested method for killing off the main character is air embolism from blowing [air] into the vagina. This is something you should never ever do. And the original research was done here in San Francisco: see the post Death & Sodomy in San Francisco. (

* One of the sexiest 2010 pin-up calendars is now on pre-sale: it’s not cheap but the Мишка 2010 Calendar is shot by one of my faves, Ellen Stagg. (,

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  1. Very best of luck to you with the Oprah appearance. While I respect her business sense, sometimes she appears to be entirely naive – especially when “sex experts” of various sorts appear on her show. Many of them (you excepted!) are … less than knowledgeable, and have distributed incorrect information. Be wary of the big O that women watch on TV.

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