Do not forget: The rules of doppleganger sex

Since we’re ready for a season of sequels and plotlines that jump the shark (such as doppelgangers and evil clones/twins), it makes sense to remind you all of the rules surrounding doppleganger sex. (via sex is not the enemy; originally in this awful and hilarious Something Awful Photoshop contest chock full of many life lessons, thanks Praemedia!)

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  • dflkjtr

    Why to they put the lovely part about killing your evil twin last? It would make much more sense to any reasonable person that fucking a corpse is considerably more enjoyable than being the corpse which is fucked.

  • Having a doppelganger would be great, 1. the discovering yourself thing 2. letting out your self hatred as you beat the clone 3. chores. yes…i foresee this as being great.

  • qotfw

    It’s great when your lover looks like you. Cuts down all those trips to the mirror to admire yourself.