Friday Nibbles: Serial Numbers on Breast Implants, Craigslist Sex Crime

Image of Conie from this gallery.

It’s a sex news roundup, after a very busy week of sex news… A gruesome murder and gender hysteria are just the beginning.

* I’ve been following the discovery of missing swimsuit model, Playboy pinup and Howard Stern model Jasmine Fiore — her body was found stuffed in a suitcase in a Dumpster, and it was a sad and awful story to follow. Her boyfriend is a reality show contestant and is being sought in connection; what pushed the story over the edge was reading that she was not identified by sight (she was badly beaten and mutilated), dental records (her teeth were yanked out) or by fingerprints (her fingers had been *chopped off*). She was identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants. (

* Why so much ado about unlocking the “secrets” of female orgasm? It’s not really rocket science. But some people seem to need a map, a flashlight, and yes, a calculator: Female orgasms and a ‘rule of thumb’ (

* Sex verification is one of the hot stories this week (besides porn and workplace safety). The NYT has an essay about sex verification in sports that really shows how little understanding there is about hormonal variation (not to mention zero sensitivity about genderqueer identities), Where’s the Rulebook for Sex Verification? ( Meanwhile, new TSA Rules require a person to declare their sex, causing major anxiety for transgender people ( Related is the Philadelphia Gay News story of a woman whose employer requested a picture of her genitals as a condition of employment ( Argh. (thanks, Thomas!)

* There was a lot of activity in cyberbullying this week, and of course it includes sex. In one instance, a Missouri woman has been arrested and faces felony cyberbullying charges after posting a fake Craigslist ad with “jucy” photos and contact information for a 17-year-old girl ( In a story that was emailed to me by at least five different people — people who know about the disgusting Blogger-hosted hate blog about me — Vogue Australia covergirl Liskula Cohen sued Google to reveal the identity of a blogger who had a hate blog about her on their Blogger service. On Monday in an unprecedented move Judge Joan Madden ruled that Cohen was entitled to sue the blogger for defamation and forced Google to provide the blogger’s name. Google did. “Skank Blogger Fully Revealed!” (

* Two new sex toys I’m excited about: the Fairy Mini Wand (sent to me by MyPleasure) and I’d love to get my hands on a gorgeous ceramic Lovemoiselle Aveline (review on The Sex Carnival).

* New model at Kink — hot Hogtied casting couch amateur: Claudia. And just in, a great “dark alley” BDSM fantasy at Sex and Submission.

* Lastly, here I am reading a typical day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson:

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  1. a macabre note, but wasn’t using implant serial #s to ID a person mentioned in Steven Seagall’s movie Hard to Kill, back in 1990? I mean, yes, it’s very horrible that she was so badly mutilated that this was the only way, but hasn’t this been done before?

  2. Re: the Blogger site… That is indeed exciting news… I hope it sets a precedent for you. I will never understand the need to create something like that out of hate. If they don’t like you or your blog, you’re not forcing your opinions down the throats of all people everywhere.

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