A couple exclusives from Nostalgia

I can tell Courtney Trouble is really excited about her new film “Nostalgia” because she emails me about it often — and I’m happy for it, because she keeps feeding me these exclusive stills form the film. If it looks like they had fun making the film, I can tell you: they did. After the jump I have a few more photos and Trouble’s press release, explaining the new move for NoFauXXX to WordPress and their new comment features for galleries. Nice.

Newest Photos : Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Madison Young

Deep Throat is no longer an anti-feminist, heterosexual faded VHS on your bedroom floor. It’s been updated in No Fauxxx’s film Nostalgia, (released by Reel Queer Productions!) in this ultra-queer, boundary-pushing scene starring Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Madison Young. Three bonafide porn stars commiting vicious acts of lust, including double deep throats, finger fucking, and even a cameo by a very lucky golf club. Witness Syd discovering the “Blakovich Spot” in this new set, easily the hottest thing No Fauxxx has ever released.

feel free to use your good vibes affiliate to link to nostalgia over there, or your no fauxxx affiliate to link to the pics.

also the members area just got converted over to wordpress and now people can leave comments on photosets, and we’re upping our updates to twice a week – one video, one photoset.

xoxoxoxoxo courtney

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  1. I think the universe is slowly transitioning into “The Culture.” Not a bad thing mind you. I don’t quite understand the fake cock either, I would have thought lesbians wouldn’t want anything to do with cock?

  2. ChicksonSpeedSpotter · Edit

    What ive often heard from lesbians is that the idea behind fake dicks is that it never goes down, so its about the woman enjoying the dick, not the dick enjoying the woman. Plus the fake dicks are hollow on they inside and they can fill it up with fake sperm, for women who don’t like the taste of sperm, and this way a woman can make real her fantasy of swallowing without having to swallow real distasteful sperm. Instead she can swallow something she likes better, like skimmed milk or custard or whatever. Also its safer sex, for women who are worried about sperm (I think I see a condom on one of those pictures?). as you can see, many reasons why lesbians prefer sucking fake dicks over real ones.

  3. ChicksonSpeedSpotter · Edit

    ” i will never understand the appeal of sucking on rubber dongs. It seems odd that queer feminist porn would be into this.”

    rmember, its supposed to be a parody of a hetero classic.

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