O hai cutie: Jenya D

Image of Jenya D from this gallery.

It’s definite: I have a longstanding, very long distance crush on Met Art model Jenya D (aka Katie Fey / Eugenia Diordiychuk, paysite links) — and you can see why in this hot user generated gallery. Overall, their user generated galleries are their best feature — the members/viewers make the best selections and the cream definitely rises to the top. See what I mean by looking at my recent favorite (free) user made galleries of Dido, Sofi (another hot one of Sofi here), Eufrat, Francesca B, and stunning Anna AJ.

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  • R—

    No, while it would be nice to see more public hair on the girls of Met-Art, the focus on vulvæ is a Very Good Thing. Far too many other sites are obsessing about breasts or about buttocks. I’d rather imagine my head between the thighs of one of these girls than groping her.

  • Jen — thank you. check out the Courtney Trouble video which has much more, well, realistic bodies in it — and it’s really yummy. I go out of my way to find pretty girls and hot boys that are diverse in not only body size but gender and ethnicity and orientation. most porn makes for slim pickings in terms of hot diversity, but I am striving to pride myself on featuring the skinny young things in a global minded mix of sexuality. they do belong in all their hotness, but they’re part of a bigger picture.

    email me anytime with tips — seriously.

  • Jen

    Beautiful but a lot of them have kinda skinny legs and pretty flat asses. Some people like that, others do not.

  • Thanks for the shoutout for the lovely Eufrat (aka Jana Potyšová). She’s been a favorite of mine since I first started noticing her a year or so ago. She’s not only drop-dead gorgeous, but has an enthusiasm for girl/girl porn, something that particularly endears her to me. Do a google video search for “Judit and Juliette” and you’ll see what I mean. Her scene with Nella in “Tales from the Clit” (Viv Thomas) is similarly wonderful. Even if you’re the kind of person who usually writes off “het lez” porn, you might be pleasantly surprised by these.

  • R

    I like a lot of the Met Art photo sets. But it does seem that about half of the poses on Met Art are basically OH HAI HERE IS MY VAGINA IT GOTS NO HAIR. (“Sofi A” being a rare but welcome exception in that department.) I like vaginas as much anyone, but the, ah, focused attention of Met Art strikes me as just a touch excessive. There are lots of girl parts worth doing close-ups of; let’s spread the love around a little, shall we?

  • Dunno about the fivehead, but she IS pretty cute.