The Boston Herald could have at least *linked* to Gimps Gone Wild

Just sayin’ if they’re going to be so judgmental about it they could at least link… ‘Wheelchair vamp dwarf’ porn is big business online (, via Japundit)

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  1. Both founders of Gimps Gone Wild use wheelchairs yet Mr Dave Wedge uses the term ‘wheelchair bound’ when referring to the female founder. I think this speaks volumes about his attitudes.
    While I would have a problem with photos of people who were unable to give informed consent a quick Google search for Chloe magazine and Gimps Gone Wild assured me that these are projects done in a positive way.
    The tagline for Chloe seems to be “Magazine for, by and about the strong sexy and successful disabled woman!” How that translates into Playboy I have no idea. On Our Backs I might be able to see but Playboy? Nope.
    So, my verdict on why Mr Wedge didn’t include links was that he was hoping that his readers wouldn’t use Google to go find this ‘horribly scandalous’ material.

    Oh, and it is only scandalous if you think all people with disabilities aren’t mature, capable, sexual *adults* who belong in society.
    (I ranted here because I really didn’t think it was worth the effort to type there.)

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