Tiny Nibbles exclusive: Andrew Blake’s “Switching” on Kink on Demand

I just want to say how cool the people at Kink are, and what a great relationship I have with them: whenever something porny and sexy goes on one of their sites that they think you and I might like, they send me exclusive access that I can share with you. Here’s a great example: Kink on Demand just got a new installment from the man I call ‘the Helmut Newton of Porn’ — Andrew Blake. And you can get a taste of the whole, very explicit video/gallery here in Kink on Demand: Andrew Blake’s “Switching” — “Elena and Courtney take turns playing dominant and submissive puppets for the pleasure of Andrew Blake.”

But just for us, I’ve got a small selection of handpicked stills from “Switching” after the jump. Enjoy!

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  • Joseph

    wow i likey !

  • haha, yes perhaps it is ;)

  • Ken

    Isn’t it time we started referring to Helmut Newton as ‘The Andrew Blake of photography’?