This image is of Scar13 doused with sauce and shot by Keith Allen Phillips, whom I blogged a while back for his fun, super-cute and sexy site Naked Girls In Our Bed. He’s been doing a messy series lately, it appears… I also really like his well-shot collection of slightly skewed candids at Behind The Fetish. Here’s the messy set in progress.

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  1. i was looking at a promotional poster for that damned pirates 2 movie (that’s hanging near my bed, i admit) and i noticed Jesse Jane and Stoya and the rest of the gals (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF Sasha Grey, Belladonna, and Katsuni) had little R’s and T’s in circles next to their names! Trademarks and Rights and stuff!

    Anyway long story short the last i heard/read that porno chick that was using YOUR NAME, was going by a Noname Jane?

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