Pretty girl Friday: International Fetish Day edition

Image from this very adorable, explicit bend over boyfriend gallery

I’ve been belaboring that it’s the very first official International Fetish Day ( all day with each post — hooray! Of course, “fetish” means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can simply be rimming, or it can be extreme medical or human animal play. Let me point you to:

* My podcast, Open Source Sex #16 (MP3), where I give my twice-yearly fetish lecture.
* Another from my podcast (OSS #47, MP3), a sweet and dirty piece of audio erotica by Thomas Roche.
* The book I wrote that is a warm and welcoming intorduction to the wild and wooly world of sexual fetishes Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples (hey, that’s my pal KumiMonster on the cover!)
* has forums — find community, feel less isolated, have fun.
* Guardian UK has a great sex and fetish-positive article about International Fetish Day: don’t miss It’s not just about whips and leather: International Fetish Day is something we can all celebrate – almost everyone has a fetish, after all. (, I love that it’s in the category, “civil liberties: sexual health”)

Next, the pretty girl galleries. I’ll warm you up slowly with lovely ladies, then ease into more explicit shoots and some videos from the seriously empowered women at

Ukranian Nika has nice nipples. Finnish Jenny just turned 18, but she’s cute so don’t do the math on her birthdate and you’ll feel okay. Slim’s Love gallery is just sweet and sexy. I just liked Lilas; I can’t explain my attraction but there you go. And I think I could just sink into busty, smiley Mia — yummy girl.

I have to say I’m really digging Met Art’s user generated galleries; the users comb through and find all kinds of really hot stuff I wouldn’t see otherwise (it’s such a smart idea of Met Art). For instance — who needs faces when you have a handpicked selection of tastefully shot, artsy ladyparts? Or this person, who collects images with an Andrew Blake feel to them. And — OMG — this user is collecting images shot by one of my favorite erotic photographers of all time, Roy Stuart. Eeeee! And a grab bag of hot girls — and more assorted seriously hot girls.

For some, the fetish is as simple as two girls together — or solo. Or trio’d. No problem :D Here’s a cute blond with a large object (MPG videos); then a solo set of videos that move to a sweet fisting scene. I mostly just enjoy the videos where it looks like two girls just having fun. Though if they’re “teens” then so am I… But check out this teasing panty massage video. Itty bitty titties your fetish? Here’s a good gallery for you. Brunettes, more panties and fingering, yay! And who doesn’t love three all-naturals with a dildo and a sense of adventure? Okay, there’s probably someone, but it’s not me. And that’s okay, too.

Now we get to the serious stuff: I discovered Kink’s hetero fem-dom site today and I’m stoked. (Yes, I’m a California girl.) The most extreme scene, of course, was this one shot by guest director John Stagliano when he was in town recently. This cute set features bend over boyfriend and foot worship. Here, my pal the smart and sexy Penny Flame dominates a cute emo boy. And I *love* this retro-styled bend over boyfriend scene.

Image from this very adorable, explicit bend over boyfriend gallery

Lastly, I’ll wind it up with some girl-girl nude wrestling videos from Ultimate Surrender — and they take the matches quite seriously. (All are MPG videos, six videos per gallery.) Intense holds here; crazy throws and struggle here; these big busty girls are not fucking around (until the fucking starts, anyway); this is an incredible four-girl wrestler pileup in front of a live audience; and finally — The Grappler vs. The Anvil.

This post was the motherlode, dear readers. A fetish porn love letter for your weekend, if you wlll.

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  1. Adrian, nice one! thank you :D I’ve been hoping Kink would do a spanking site for ages… maybe someday they will. ::sigh:: not to mention what would happen if they let me run/direct a blowjob/handjob site… oh, the possibilities.

  2. 1234 — I have a secondary server in Russia that I store images on and they’ve been doing maintenance; it should fix itself soon. I’ve been using them for years and they’re typically really solid — I knew we’d have some glitches this week. thank you!

  3. For some reason images on your site are not working in firefox. Tried chrome and IE and all is fine there. Flushed cache and temp files too and nothing… They don’t show up in the RSS reader either.. very weird.

  4. Sweet fisting scene? That’s hilarious. How can I get in to view one of those wrestling matches at Kink? That’s the best sport ever. They should have a championship on the day of the superbowl to give the rest of the world someting to do. So many of the Kink girls squirt.

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