Wednesday nibbles

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* Today is International Human Rights Day *and* Day Without A Gay. Huh? Has the world gone up in flaming flames? Nope: don’t call in sick to work, call in gay! (,

* Also, being gay and married, unlike what certain people would have you think, actually does not kill you. According to the soon-to-be-published Danish study Mortality Among Men and Women in Same-Sex Marriage, “…the claims of drastically increased overall mortality in gay men and lesbians appear unjustified.” (, thanks, Laust!)

* All signs point to the Uncanny Valley: Gizmodo tells us Aiko Gets Us Pervs Closer to Perfect Sex Dolls (NFSW) (includes eerie detached head video). They really shouldn’t knock Zoltan‘s technosexuality like that, but when it comes to a guy who happily sells his car to finance his robotic fiancee, you gotta give him mad props. And maybe her too, at the dinner table. Aiko is awesomeness, pure and simple. (, thanks Praemedia!)

* By this point, many of us have seen those Japanese hand job machines that look like Kitchen Aid Mixers with clutched Dahmer-esque Barbie skin tone hands attached (note: do not crank to 11). *Finally* erotic game Cross Days has combined the machine with a game, and yes, has a penetration version for when you really need to make muffins, fast. See more in Maximum Risky: Erotic Game Makes Next-Gen Hands Free A Scary Reality. (

* If you haven’t read Nate Anderson’s Cowabunga! Simpsons porn on the PC equals child pornography, you really oughta. Australia, again. Snip:

If I lived in New South Wales, Australia, I might now be in danger of a $3,000 fine and two years of court supervision. My crime? Some rather shocking exposure to the Simpsons characters in various states of undress, sexual arousal, and copulation in the course of researching this article (seriously, be careful what you search for). Turns out, the collective Internet hive mind has huge amounts of free time on its hands, time which it largely uses to turn beloved cartoon characters into porn stars. The New South Wales Supreme Court ruled this morning that such depictions, when they concern “apparently” underage kids like Bart and Lisa Simpson, count as child pornography. (…more,, thank you Jonathan!)

* The ridiculously deleted Wikipedia page about was restored, yay! But for the real entertainment, the discussion page is where it’s at. Whoa. (

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