Relaunch: Christian Petersen

Image from Christian Petersen‘s beautiful and strange Nudes gallery.

About a week ago, brilliant and deviously creative photographer Christian Petersen relaunched his website. We naturally want to go straight to his Nudes gallery, and it does not disappoint; I highly suggest you also peruse his strangely erotic non-nude work — like the extreme fetish depicted in his Projects: House of Gord portfolio. Look for what I’m calling the River Tam moment in his America gallery, and some of the most memorable moments of highly stylized constructed photographic scenery I’ve seen in a long time in his Projects: Liberty of London gallery — among many others. Take your time; it’s arousing and thoughtful time that’s well spent. His blog depicts the flotsam and jetsam of his other curious visual pursuits, such as the nudes of Patrick Nagel. (via Sex in Art)

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  • Addy

    That Liberty of London gallery is brilliant. It’s so David Lynchian and I wish I could view them full size in person.
    I just love his use of shadows, light and mirrors.