Monday pre-NYE nibbles

Image of Justine Joli by Steve Diet Goedde for Stockroom.

* Off topic: I’m in Joi Ito’s new book, Freesouls — with a lot of really heavy hitters in the technology arena. It’s a huge compliment, and the book looks incredible.

* FriendFinder Networks, aka Adult Friend Finder / Penthouse Networks is going IPO public in a Hail Mary gesture — and they’re not being met with open arms (or legs, for that matter) on Wall Street. They are $450 million in debt. Again, so much for “sex sells.” (

* A friend has a nice snack-food sized roundup of the year in (mainstream) sex that’s a fun read. I think the “starfuckers” blip was my favorite, though it’s got a lot of stuff I’ve blogged so I may be jaded. Still I think it’s enjoyable, and how *hilare* is it that that The Daily Beast is trying to be all big bad in media but still won’t print the word “fuck.” (

* The New Yorker, which is a mainstream media outlet unafraid to use the common word “fuck” has a review of the old book “The Joy of Sex” and accompanying slideshow. Won’t it be neat when they start reviewing contemporary and more relevant sex bestsellers of high cultural impact (waiting until 40 years after the books were printed, of course)? (

* Everyone’s fave sci-fi blog has a tasty post with the trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killer, whose byline is “Shaun of the Dead with tits.” You need say no more to get my fangirl temperature up. (

* Yay Lux: Fleshbot Craft Corner is featuring a video of the DIY Lego masturbator (much like those Japanese handjob machines). Sharp corners notwithstanding, I’d love to see a little Lego Mindstorms action added on, like a flamethrower or remote-control driving capabilities. (

* Speaking of Lux’s Boinkology, right now she’s got a popular post about the world’s “classiest” butt plug — the “gentleman’s” plug Earl by Lelo that does indeed come with matching cufflinks, for all your formal black tie prostate massage holiday parties. The gold set is only $990. (

* In case you missed the blogosphere blast today, The Times of Harvey Milk is indeed free to watch on Hulu right now. It looks like Hulu blocked The Sex Carnival’s embed, but not Laughing Squid’s — how sad of Hulu to do that. (, seen @ The Sex Carnival, Laughing Squid, Joe My God)

* Teens don’t self-report the realities of the sex they’re having and virginity pledges don’t work. Shocking, I know. But it’s nice to see it backed now by data and being reported widely. ( +, thanks Praemedia and Paul)

* Gratuitous porn of the nom nom nom variety: I love the new user-generated gallery collections at Met Art. Here is a fan of sexy Sofi A, a great multi-model selection, someone who loves sultry Hene A and a collection from someone who has great taste in itty bitty titties :)

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