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Image of hottie-le-hot French Mina Model in a candid moment.

* How did I miss the world premiere of Night of The Giving Head? I thought I was kept abreast of all horror films. “These zombies want brain cause it’s the Night of the Giving Head. NO man’s penis is safe.” I agree. (gamelink.com)

* The quote that made my week, in a terrific writeup about the new feminist antiporn campaign, “Now, when you venture into Frisco, and you do anything sex wise, you have to deal with the wrath of Violet Blue, full time sex columnist and rebel troublemaker for all things sex-positive.” Thank you! Now I command everyone in the whole world to stop using Snap. (ajkenn-rgclub.com)

* Is Google taking the sex out of search again? Over at Comstock Films, Tony Comstock has an in-depth exploration (and scary looking 2-year graph) showing that the ranking algorithms are not looking good at all for “real sex” specific searches (among others related to sexual health and sexual entertainment). (comstockfilms.com) Update: Tony has now compiled a Google autofill “no-fly list here. It’s not pretty.

* This week I’m sure I got the same press release as Fleshbot did, and at the exact same time, I just let the bizarre tic-tac-toe random porno YouTube sit in a open tab scaring the crap out of my cat for the 30 seconds I could stand the caterwauling starlets in choir. Poor kitty kept looking for the injured kittens he was certain I had hidden under the mass of cables beneath my desk. Free porn — and lots of it can be found at Sexgrid, where you can load and simultaneously play porn clips — good thing this outfit is in the Cayman Islands, where it’s tough to be served. (sexgrid.com) Update: What’s great about making offhanded comments is that in the blogospehere, when you do, people often tell you more about what you’re talking about. Sexgrid emailed me saying, “Regarding what you said about the fact we are based in the Cayman Islands, we would like to tell you that we are the first fully legal porn tube, we do not allow user uploads (as to prevent illegal content and lawsuits) and all the content we have is given to us by sponsor partners who approve the use of the content. It has taken us a lot of time, expenses, and energy to make ties with content providers (who were glad and surprised at our request..) in order to make this site fully legal!” Cool.

* Fuck, Jiz Lee had a hot spin the bottle party with JimmyJane’s very naughty bottle game. Details, we need details! Still, what a great sex game… How do I get invited to these things, again? (ourchart.com)

* Safer sex delivered via SMS — now that’s a great plan. Add it to the list for Obama’s national sex ed program… (shakewellbeforeuse.com)

* Porn laundry service. Heh. Heh heh. You can spank me for it, but you should strap Praemedia for sending it to me. (weirdasianews.com)

* Apparently some people really freaked out last tuesday (that’s the rumor); not surprisingly clothes came off. Ten Zen Monkeys has a list of the “wildest” reactions to the Obama win, and it looks like Susie Bright was one of the sworn, and determined streakers…

* Nicole Kidman is set to play trans pioneer Einar Wegener in an upcoming biopic. How do we feel about that? I am very, very mixed. Think she’ll truly understand (from the outside, at least) what it means, or will she embarrass us and continually use the inappropriate pronouns, as the mainstream press did over and over and over again with “Boys Don’t Cry”? I worry. (guardian.co.uk)

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  1. Following a lead from Bacchus, I just checked to see what “Google Suggests…” thinks of [erosblog], [violet blue], and [comstock films]. Looks like we’re on the same list of exclude words as [nude]. And oh yeah, [anthony comstock] auto-fills, but [tony comstock] does not.

  2. Hello Violet, and thank for the link!

    I can already hear the response, “Well if people really want it, they’ll look harder.” But that sort of misses the point. When I went looking for an internet source of rubber-tipped flu-flu arrows (to shoot at the deer that eat Peggy’s tulips) I didn’t have to look harder. I put [archery supplies] into Google. Was my search return populated by out-of-date MSM articles? No.

    Again, I understand what Google’s up against. There’s not a lot of archery spamblogs or archery link farms. And contrary to what people think, sex isn’t such big business that it’s in Google’s interest to devote a lot of resources to delivering quality search results for sexually oriented searches. If I were them, I’d err on the side of keeping the garbage out.

    And maybe part of it is my own arrogance about the films we make. I think we’ve done something different and special. And I think we’ve earned a place at “the grown-up table”; whether that’s a film festival in Australia, store shelves in the UK, or Google’s search returns. But that’s just my point of view. I’m sure not everyone agrees.

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