Pretty girl Friday, ahhhhh

Image of Muriel from this gallery.

Fake lesbians.
Real lesbians.

That’s it.

Just kidding — but sometimes I feel like just making a post like that. I’ve got a good number of galleries I liked this week, but after the jump is a very special treat, customized just for me by the uber-hot real lesbians (and dykes and butches and queers and bois) over at The Crash Pad Series. Thank you! Nom nom nom…

Helen has the most curious pubic coiffure — and she’s hot in this gallery and that gallery. I liked the Agent Provocateur feeling of this light little gallery. Argentinian Muriel drives me crazy, like, in a good way. Asian Sophie R is just sweet. Zana A isn’t my type but she’s having so much sexy fun. And Dinara is just fucking adorable (even if in need of a sandwich). River is gorgeous in natural light; Rita A is a short-haired cutie. I found Aza oddly compelling, as with Erika A. And I think you’ll agree that there’s something about Jolie. Girls together, did you say? I didn’t see much I liked this week, except for this (explicit) gallery and that gallery.

Special video treat after the jump.

More here.

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