Bush admin wants birth control defined as abortion

Image of Google gifts after my last Google Tech Talk about abstinence.

I’m not a big one for online petitions or email campaigns, but this is like, enough’s enough. I mean, I knew we had to keep a close eye on this bastard before he leaves office — you know how presidents like to slip in favors and last-minute loose-end-tying before they bail — but wow. The Bush administration is proposing and pushing regulations via the Department of Health and Human Services to define contraception (birth control) as abortion. A condom is not an abortion — but in schools, with abstinence education, this is most likely what they’ll learn. Just imagine the ramifications of that scenario — even as far as the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Read MoveOn.org Urges Opposition to HHS Regulations Redefining Contraception as Abortion, and they’ll tell us what we can do (like this email campaign and petition), even if it feels like we’re David and they’re… an outdated Biblical reference.

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  • Gonna echo your post and use that awesome graphic….just letting you know…I think it’s so clever and the topic is in need of as much press as possible….

    love your podcast!


  • Tom

    Wow, that’s just Stupefying….

  • I think that’s pretty much how they feel. like all the Victorian anti-masturbation propaganda, the scary devices, it was all rooted in anti-sin and saving seed. all the corsets without the fun.

  • Blake

    So how do we classify a wet dream? “Son… just so you know… you just killed 30 million babies last night. How does that make you feel?”

  • God, that is so ridiculous! Thanks for the heads up!