Sunday frolic: Pretty girls and bi boys

Pretty girls, naked, happy and cute! Late, but I think there’s still a *little* bit of weekend left… The galleries I liked this last week include Hungarian Linda L who’s just pretty; hot Jenya D who forgot to take of her jewelry before getting in the shower; Nika rolling about in black stockings, Lidiya A who is a total deck; and Anna S who looks way different now with dark hair. Tina C and Lina F are sisters and this totally brings up my questions about legalities and ethics around blood relations engaging in sexual activity (um, I mean, oh dude they’re TWINS), Uma B who was totally framed (pictured), and the lovely outdoor black and whites with adorable itty bitty committee member Sisqua.

Additionally, because the amateur, low-budget bisexual videos I posted a while back were so popular (when will someone hurry up and cash in on this market with quality material!?), I clicked around and found a few more new ones worth a watch — and again, apologies that these aren’t inline play videos: behold the turquoise blinds which to me is way more shocking than bi guys sharing a girl; this attractive trio need not stay so close to the radiator to stay warm; lavender sheets and a sexy bi-male threesome are a winning combo; and I think this scene is the hottest of the lot.

  • Rob

    Sexy! But why does it always have to be guys outnumbering the girls? Why can’t there be a 50/50 balance to the fun?