Nude in SF strikes again!


Cute Marie buying and eating ice cream in the nude at Haight and Ashbury! Lots of fun new teasers up at our local nudie cutie site, plus some nicely done Google maps so you can see exactly where each picture was taken (here‘s Marie’s Haight jaunt). So simple, so sweet, so fun! They’ve asked if I wanna do one… :D

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  • 123

    Lovely? Marie is hooottt.

  • Mario

    I just want to let the lovely Marie know I appreciate it that she hasn’t shaved her bush bald. You don’t have to have a hair fetish to want to see a woman look like a woman, and not like a 10 year old girl.

  • Phil

    So are you going to go for it?

  • Ryan

    I sure hope you do, Violet. You are such a lovely woman.

  • I wonder how they’re able to walk around nude in SF in the first place without the polizei noticing or called upon. Are ninjas involved?