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couplescovermed.jpg* Over at the Gate, Mark Morford has an excellent article (with lots o links) about high-end vibrators, including the 24k gold one Kate Moss just bought. It is my responsibility to note that I have a huge chapter on high-end sex toys (+ reviews, and not just vibrators but ebony butt plugs and all) in my upcoming book, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys. But, oh yeah, baby — Mark puts his trademark sexy run-on sentences all over those vibes in a way that makes you wanna bust out the credit card…

* My Fleshbot snuggle-bunny Jonno has been on all the right meds this week — or as he put it, “it doesn’t rain fun sex links, it pours!” (He also wrote, “OMG NOT SPIDEY!!!”) Die laughing when you click Her Cruel Feet, check out the STD warning coasters in this Wet Spots, and shoot coffee out your nose with Let’s Sexy English! (Decoded slightly on Boing Boing in a billion reader comments; worth clicking both links if you love the Engrish.)

* And no, please make it stop: Bush administration wants mandatory website labeling. This is for real, and very serious. Are we in China yet?

* On that same note, Viviane blogs Cory Silverberg’s *superb* article, What’s Wrong With Reporting On Sex? and this is another case where the comments are as powerful and valuable as the piece. For instance, pair the above link to the Bush web labeling with the following comment from A New York John: “I ran through google the other day the key words “banning contraception” and was floored by the number of sites promoting this idea. The puritans are also on the net, doing what they can to bring society further in thier direction. But so long as we keep the First Amendment, they will not stop the spreading of idea. (Of course, they would argue that our discussions about sexual freedom equate to topics not protected by the First Amendment).”

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