Noir fetish model Tessa Kuragi

London based model Tessa Kuragi is a phenomenon, and one of my favorite models, ever. I can’t get enough of her – and I think many of you will feel the same way, especially once you dip into her portfolios of nudes and lingerie. I finally have the base model for my fembot – my fembot army, that is.

Kuragi is hailed as a “surrealist muse” by StyleNoir, who wrote:

She is often styled as a vampish sex-bomb or as a coquettish Lolita, I wondered how close this was to the ‘real’ her? “When I’m not modelling, my own style tends to veer between 1940′s/1920′s looks and that of a European or Japanese school girl. I have been known to wear fancy dress to pub lunches though and would probably wear kigurumi’s to work if I was allowed!”

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