Pretty girl Friday, after midnight

Image by inmymind.

This post is graced by the startlingly beautiful images of Russian photographer imnymind (I don’t speak or read Russian so if anyone wants to tell me their name, fabulous!). He has more here; all links are hi-res so check your speed before poking around… I also have a wee handful of lovelies in galleries for your perusal: this week I liked auburn Sugee, blonde Dara, I thought Nataly was fun and cute, liked that Karima was busty and fleshy and smiley, and Stephanie is just strangely compelling. If you’re a Flickr member, this week I discovered the delight of recklessly pretty girl Chase Lisbon’s photostream.

Image by inmymind.

Image by inmymind.


  1. It’s Kirill Zaytsev, the a at the end’s a grammatical thing.

    The line at the top is:
    Khudozhestvennaya Fotografiya Kirilla Zaitseva
    “Art Photography of Kirill Zaitsev”
    or “Kirill Zaitsev’s Art Photography”

  2. The photographer’s name is Cyril Zaitsev (Kiril Zaytsev, if you want to spell it more like how it’s pronounced).

    The graffiti on the wall in the first picture amuses me greatly; it’s very authentic, really marks out that space as a real, live shithole rather than some imitation, which makes the contrast between the beautiful and unreal subject and the cruddy commonplace background even more pronounced in my mind. (Roughly: “Everyone’s a dumbass.”)

    — Alex

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