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With the great news that the Amazon Kindle is now cheaper and that it’s now available for Android FREE, I updated my VB List: Favorite Things widget to be a Kink Your Kindle feature. It’s a great excuse for me to showcase more sex books for the Kindle, and especially ones I think you might not know are available. I was disappointed that I couldn’t add Janine Ashbless‘ book Dark Enchantment to the widget, as she’s one of the hands-down masters of erotic writing — most especially with fantasy flavors, fetish accessories and vampiric themes. Normally I dislike erotica with these themes and find it so cheesy I can’t get away fast enough. Yet when I read her first collection Cruel Enchantment I couldn’t get enough. If you like geeky nerdy things that live in the fantasy/horror twilight *and* explicit sex that is somehow believable and unpredictable, you’ll love her collections as much as I do.

Other books featured on my highly-recommended “Kink Your Kindle” erotic books list:

Fast Girls: Erotica for Women Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s scorching anthology from many hot authors, all about women living out their raciest sexual fantasies.

Lucky 13: Thirteen Tales of Getting Lucky Author Sommer Marsden is a writer I consider to be one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre, and she’s just getting started. She is one I’m watching closely. This collection is 13 of her hits, and highly recommended.

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships Author Tristan Taormino is a legendary sex educator who is hip, savvy and understands the real questions people have about sex. Here, she’s researched tirelessly and written what is essentially the “bible” for non-monogamy. A must-have.

And two top picks from my catalog: Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (anthology) because it recently won the Gold medal for erotica 2010 at the IPPY’s, and a book I’m especially wishing every girl could have, The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot. When I give that book to friends, they really thank me. Like, a lot. It’s a quiet winner.

If you’re mobile and want the free Kindle app for your Android, just scan this onscreen QR code with your phone:

* I still don’t have a Kindle; maybe I should put it on my wishlist considering how many Kindle books I have now :)

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This week’s VB List answers a few of your requests in high style at decent prices — and shows that the Hitachi Magic Wand has had some recent updates. What’s so great about the Hitachi? If you’re unfamiliar with this orgasmic powerhouse, it’s a staple of women’s sex toy boutiques because it’s extremely powerful and has a wide, flat tennis-ball shaped head that is perfect for stimulating the vulva (clitoris!) and squeezing between the thighs in blissful rapture. Some women find that the power of the Hitachi is exactly what they need for strong orgasms, or to ejaculate. The thing is, some women also find that the Hitachi is too strong, and many wish it had more than two (intense) speeds — or that the vibe wasn’t limited by its cord, forever keeping pleasure seekers tethered to a wall and forsaking a good time when the power is out.

Hence the new school of Hitachi, in this week’s list. I’ve also got the trendiest male masturbation toy, the most stylish clit vibe, a superb prostate therapy device (ahem), and more. Have better sex with:

The Japanese Tenga Egg is currently one of the most popular boy toys in the world: Amazon / Babeland

Everyone wants a small, powerful version of the Hitachi for partnered sex — say hello to the Acuvibe Mini: Amazon / Babeland

New and powerful, the Trinity Rechargeable has seven speeds and goes cordless (everywhere the Hitachi can’t): Amazon / Babeland

So many men want an Aneros that vibrates, but without the huge price tag, just like the New Ultimate Prostate Massager 4.0: Amazon

I can’t recommend massage candles like the Fun Factory Allume enough, for the silky warm oil they create of the capacity for the most mind-blowing handjob on earth: Amazon / Fun Factory

Lelo’s gorgeous white ceramic work of art Nea is a gentle, beautiful pleasure: Amazon / Lelo

Update: Reader Jason asked if there were any comparisons between the new Hitachi style vibes; I pointed him to the outstanding comparison review by Dangerous Lilly (via Pleasurists) plus Beautiful Dreamer’s in-depth review of the Mystic Wand and Darling Dove’s stand alone review of the Mystic Vibe. Talk about Consumer Reports style sex toy reviews; these are essential.


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Amazon / Babeland

This weekend I added an Amazon widget of my favorite things to the right sidebar. This is a response to many, many requests for a ‘Violet’s Favorite Things’ feature. The VB List is for your sex life, and vetted by me: good, safe, hygienic products, solutions to sensual needs, exciting ideas to spice up sex for couples, singles, and even triples. The kind of things I keep in my bedside drawer. The objects d’lust I employ to make a night unforgettable. The things I recommend to my best friends. I hope you like it. I’ll be changing it weekly. If you want to pick these items up — and I highly recommend you do — I’m linking to both Amazon *and* smaller retailers that feel good to support. Have better sex with:

Amazon / Thrusti Kicki Grabbi

Amazon / Jimmyjane

Amazon / Kama Sutra

Amazon / Babeland

Amazon / Tantus

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