Working Girl by Simon Torrio

The Cadillac pulled up to the curb. The driver leaned down and craned his neck, eyeing the woman’s fishnet-clad legs scissoring invitingly under the short skirt. She bent down and looked in the window, waving.”Hi sailor,” she smiled. “Need a date?”

The passenger-side window hissed down. “Depends,” said the guy inside the car. “How much?”

“Twenty bucks,” she said. She pursed her lips and let her tongue laze out, drawing an appealing circle around her full, red-painted mouth. “I’ll make it worth every penny.”

“Twenty bucks? That cover everything?”

She crouched down and leaned against the door, propping her full tits on the edge of it, well aware that his eyes roved over her cleavage.

“Depends what you want,” she said flirtatiously.

“Can I fuck you in the ass?”

She giggled. “Not for twenty bucks,” she said. “I don’t do that. But you can do everything else.”

“Get in.”

She reached in and popped the lock. She was about to say something when the guy held out a twenty.

“Here,” he said. “And you better make it worth that.”

She giggled again, feeling insecure about the girlish sound of it. She took the twenty and tucked it into her push-up bra.

“Oh, I will,” she said, reaching over and running her hand over his crotch. She felt a surge of heat in her when she realized the guy was already hard, his cock bulging in his suit pants. “I’ll make it worth every fucking cent, um…what’s your name?”

“Joe,” he said.

“Right,” she sighed. “Joe. I’m…Tanya.”

“Nice to meet you, Tanya. You better suck my dick good.”

“Oh, I’m the best in town,” she said. “There’s a place up here you can park.”

“The cops ever come by?”

“If they did, I wouldn’t suggest it.”

He pulled the Cadillac into the coin-op parking lot. It was dark, shadowed by the overhang of tall buildings and unhealthy city trees.

Joe leaned back in his seat. “Get to it,” he said.

She felt her pussy moistening as she took out her gum and tossed it out the window. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth against the bulge in his pants.

“Don’t get lipstick on them,” he said. “The wife does my dry cleaning. She’ll freak.”

Tanya began to unfasten his belt. “She must be a real bitch.”

“Yeah,” he said. “But she gives great head.”

“Not as good as me,” said Tanya, unzipping Joe’s pants.

“Prove it,” he said.

Tanya took Joe’s hard cock out of his pants, feeling her pussy clench as she wrapped her hand tightly around its thickness. “For another five bucks I’ll do it without a condom.”

He already had a five in his hand. He handed it to Tanya and she stuffed it in her bra alongside the twenty. She felt his hand on her head as she went down on his cock, opening her mouth and puckering it around the head, tasting lipstick as she slid up and down on the thick shaft. She could feel her pussy moistening in her thong as she began to suck him.

“So far you ain’t any better than the wife,” he said. “I can get that for free.”

Tanya started working her tongue around the head, swirling it eagerly. She slid her mouth down his shaft until she felt him pressing at the entrance to her throat. Then she gulped him down, easily feeling her throat spread around him.

“That’s more like it,” sighed Joe. “Yeah, that’s more like it.”

Tanya could feel her clit rubbing hard against her tight thong as her throat muscles constricted around Joe’s cock. She couldn’t believe she was doing this; the thrill of it sent a surge of moisture into her pussy. She could feel the ache in her that made her want this stranger’s cock inside her cunt.

Her mouth came up off his cock. As a car passed the parking lot, Tanya saw in the flash of light that his cock was slick with cocksucker red lipstick. Tanya was breathing hard from the effort of swallowing Joe’s cock.

“Just tell me when you want to fuck me,” she said.

“Now’s good,” said Joe. “Do I have to use a condom for that?”

“No,” she said. “The five dollars is good. Do you want my panties on or off?”

“Take ‘em off.”

Tanya reached under her spandex miniskirt and slid off her thong, wondering if Joe could tell how wet she was, that her thong was soaked through. She tucked the thong into her lime-green purse as Joe scooted over to the middle of the front seat, away from the steering wheel.

Tanya hiked up her skirt almost to her waist and crawled into his lap facing him, her pussy feeling tight and hungry for him. She was so wet that he slid right in as she pressed down on him, and she almost came the second she felt his naked cock inside her.

“You’re good and wet,” he said. “You must like your job.”

“Love it,” gasped Tanya, starting to grind her hips back and forth. The tight fit of Joe’s big cock in her pussy made her lips stretch around the shaft and tug on her clit. She could feel his cockhead rubbing firmly inside her. She couldn’t move much, but she didn’t need to.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she gasped, and then she came, unexpectedly, intensely, grasping Joe and pushing her body against him as she panted heavily. He went to kiss her and she pulled away.

“Not on the lips,” she said.

“Then show me your tits,” he growled.

Tanya skimmed off the tight halter-top and unhitched the front of her push-up bra. Joe stared at her tits as she rocked up and down on him, gasping as the after-effects of her orgasm shuddered through her. Joe leaned forward and began to suckle her nipples. The feel of his mouth hot on them made her shiver, and she could feel her cunt tightening around his cock as she started to slide up and down on him. She fucked him harder, loving the feel of the hard thrusts as she mounted him again and again. She was so wet that she could feel droplets of moisture scattering across her upper thighs as she rose up each time.

“Nice tits,” he said. “Your boyfriend like to fuck them?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “And come on my face.”

“Does he fuck you in the ass, too?”

Tanya gasped as Joe reached behind her and she felt his fingers prying open her ass-cheeks. One finger found her asshole and began to press. She tried to push up off of him.

“No,” she said, gasping. “I don’t do that…”

“Oh, I bet you do,” said Joe. “I bet you put out for your boyfriend all the time. You let him slip it in your back door.”

Another finger slipped forward, rubbing along the bottom of his shaft, getting all moist with her pussy. Then he forced it into her ass, making her muscles clench tight around his finger. Tanya began to bounce up and down hungrily on Joe as she felt another orgasm coming. Joe fingered her ass deep, his tongue roving over her breasts as she fucked him faster.

“I’m gonna shoot,” he growled. “I’m gonna fucking shoot in your pussy.”

Then Tanya came, a full minute before Joe did. But her orgasm was still throbbing through her, her ass and cunt feeling full as Joe suckled on her nipples and bit down as he came. The angle was so tight that she could feel the pulse of his cock injecting her, feel the slickness that flooded her as he filled her with his come. The sensations overwhelmed her and she slumped on him, whimpering.

Joe grasped her hair, pulled her head back slightly, and pressed his mouth to hers.

She opened wide, feeling his tongue sliding into her, feeling it savage her. Another spasm of post-climactic pleasure went through her, and she gripped his head with her hands, pushing her tongue back against him.

“Fuck,” she said when their lips parted. “That was good.”


“I didn’t even think you knew where the theater was,” she said. “How did you know I’d walk to my car in costume?”

“Lucky guess. You’ve always wanted to play a whore in a musical, right? You certainly sang a pretty song tonight.”

“Well,” she said. “It’s much more fun playing them in real life.”

“And real whores don’t kiss on the lips,” he said.

She kissed him softly, smiled, and said, “This one does. Let’s go home.”

* * * * * * *

Simon Torrio is a keyboardist and underground music writer in Seattle. His work has appeared in zines such as Downbeat, Re:Play, Hard Trance, Throb and Miracle. His first published story was in Sweet Life 2: Erotic Fantasies for Couples.