Try This At Home by Ayre Riley

Really. I’m serious. Try this.

That is, if you’re in the mood for a salacious evening. If you’re not, skip this advice and move onto something else. But if you are, then try this at home!

Get yourself all dressed up in something deliciously extravagant. You know what I mean. Something made of crimson velvet with pale-petal-pink marabou trim, if you’re that sort of girl. Or skin-tight and vinyl if you’re a vixen into black. Then pose in front of your mirror as you do your make-up. Really go to town with the mascara and the lipstick. You want your eyes to stand out, and you want your mouth to look full and inviting.

Now, here’s the key — don’t go out.

I’m not kidding.

Don’t even think about going out.

Tonight, you and your man are going to stay in.

Of course, the trick to this particular treat is that you don’t tell him you’re not going out. What you do, is invite him over at a specific time — or if you and your honey live together, then tell him to be ready at a specific time — then spring your X rated outfit on him. He’ll look you up and down in that slow, hungry way of his, that he-lion way, and then he’ll shake his head slowly, as if he can’t believe his luck. Or as if he can’t believe you’re planning on hitting the club scene all dolled-up like a tart.

Don’t blow your cover. Let him stare. Let him ogle. Let him get all hot and bothered. Then strip him. Do you hear me? Strip him completely out of his clothes until he’s naked while you’re still dressed sex-queen style. Slide in your favorite CD, something with a heavy, throbbing beat. Then make him sit down on an armless chair and give him a lap dance.

You know the rules, right? You get to touch him, but he can’t touch you.

Make sure that he sticks to those rules. Hands at his sides so that he behaves like a good boy. Rules are very important to this game. Remember that. And the thing of it is, you’re making all the rules tonight.

Chances are, he won’t be able to obey completely. I mean, chances are that his cock will try to touch you, even if he keeps his hands welded to his side. Can’t punish the boy for that, can you?

‘Course you can. Stand up and stare down at his gorgeous cock. Tell it to behave or you won’t kiss it. Then bend on your knees in front of him and let him feel your hot breath against his naked skin. He’ll be harder than hard at this point. He’ll be doing a passable imitation of steel. So break your own rules now and kiss the head. Just the head. Give it any kind of kiss you like: sweet and chaste, wet and sloppy. He won’t complain. I’m telling you that from experience. He won’t say a word. He’ll be too afraid that any movement will stop the pleasure from continuing — and believe me, he doesn’t want that.

When you feel that he’s earned it, bob your head once or twice. Go on and do it right. You know how. Remember that you have a goal here. You want the shaft to be nice and slippery wet for when you climb on board. What I’m saying is that you’re doing yourself a service here by getting him ready for your sweet pussy. Think about that as you glide your tongue down to his balls and then gracefully bring it back up to the tip. Think about that as you finally pull off your own clothes — or at least as much as you need to in order to expose yourself — and slip your body on top of his.

Now, tell him what to do. If you want him to touch your breasts, or kiss your collarbones, or bite your bottom lip, you tell him. If you want him to firmly hold your wrists together over your head, or grip your hips, or kiss your neck, let him know. He won’t let you down. Ride him at your favorite speed. Pump your thighs and work him until you feel your own wetness glossing your inner thighs.

Then stand up and have him take his spot behind you. Doggy-style is always best at this junction of the game. Place your palms flat in the seat of the chair, arch those pretty hips of yours, and tell him that you’re ready. He’ll grip onto you as he slides in deep, and then he’ll probably use one hand to pull on your long hair, keeping you in place as he takes control.

It’s okay if he takes control now — or if he thinks he’s in control. Because you’re about to come, aren’t you? Oh, yeah, you are. You’re getting so close. Super closer. So use one hand to tickle your own clit as he fucks you, and as you get closer, start to moan. Let him know it’s going to happen. Let him know it’s going to happen soon!

Do you have all that? Does it all make sense?

Great — because once you’ve mastered this, I’ll be more than happy to teach you Game #2, which is this: Try this in the back seat of your car. I’m serious. The back seat….

About the author:

Several stories by Ayre Riley appear in the collection Down & Dirty (Pretty Things Press) and on Ms. Riley lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Jason. He’s truly tickled by his wife’s dirty mind.