The Sun Don’t Shine by Elizabeth Colvin

It was five in the morning, and I’d come wide awake with that sinking feeling that says I’m not going back to sleep. The sun wasn’t even up yet. Worse yet, I’d awakened from a deeply erotic dream that I couldn’t remember. I struggled with it for a few minutes, trying to recall what had gotten me so worked up. All I could remember is that Joseph and I had been making love, and it had been all about his glorious ass. I could remember vividly the feel of his firm, muscled cheeks under my fingers as he entered me. Beyond that, there was nothing.

He was there, next to me, his body radiating warmth. He’d thrown off the covers and I liked him better that way. Joseph sleeps naked. I always sleep in a T-shirt, which disappointed him at first.

He was stretched out on his belly with his gorgeous ass just waiting to be touched. I didn’t want to wake him up, but how could I resist? I couldn’t keep my hands off that ass.

I sat up and took off my T-shirt, knowing I was doomed — I was going to wake the poor boy up, and the best I could do was make him happy I’d done so.

I started by crawling on top of him. Joseph is much bigger than me, so it was reasonable to think that he wouldn’t be disturbed. I wasn’t asking him to participate, just lay there and sleep. I ran my lips and tongue all over the back of his neck, kissing the place where his short-cropped dark hair met his pale skin. I licked my way over his shoulders and down his back, and Joseph murmured slightly and stirred.

“Are you awake?” I whispered.

No response. I knew I really should put my T-shirt back on, pile on the covers and try to go back to sleep.

But I didn’t.

I cupped the hard curve of his pretty ass as I kissed my way down into the small of his back. I could smell his sweat, sharp and male in the cool morning air. I reached between his slightly spread legs and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

He was hard.

That didn’t necessarily mean anything — I mean, guys get hard when they sleep, right? Joseph in particular gets hard when he sleeps. Many times I wished I could slip into his dreams and know what’s getting him so turned on, but I know it’s just a physiological response, a natural thing that happens, erection without arousal.

But once I had his hard cock in my hand, I knew I definitely wasn’t going back to sleep. Especially since the moment I felt it, I began to kiss his buttocks.

His firm mounds were slightly spread, his asshole just barely exposed. I had never licked Joseph’s asshole, though I’d touched it with my hand. Why I was suddenly drawn to lower my face between those glorious cheeks, I’ll never know. But as my tongue touched his asshole, Joseph gave a little murmur, then a louder, low moan, and I started to rim him.

My hand stroked up and down his hard cock as my tongue slipped into his tight hole. The taste was tangy and it made me want more. I began to stroke him off as I licked deeper, burying my tongue in his ass. His balls tightened up and his legs slipped further apart as I licked and stroked.

Then his hips moved and he lifted his ass higher.

My tongue slipped out of his cleft and I took a deep breath, afraid he’d be angry that I awakened him.

“Are you awake?” I asked.

“No,” he said softly.

I pressed my mouth to his ass again, my tongue burrowing back into it. Joseph moaned as I brought my hand up his shaft to the head of his cock, began to rub his glans with my palm. He moaned louder and I pressed deeper into his ass, loving the feel of his tight hole against my tongue. He relaxed and opened up, letting me delve deeper between his cheeks.

“Feel good?” I asked, the words muffled since my mouth was still pressed between his cheeks.

“Great,” he said, and lifted his ass higher.

I descended on him hungrily, licking his ass as I jerked him off. He pushed up onto his hands and knees. That let me get a better grip on his cock and I pumped it insistently as he moaned. Now he was on all fours, as if asking for it doggy-style, asking me to take his asshole. I licked faster, my tongue pulsing against his ass as I worked my hand up and down his cock, feeling its hardness and knowing exactly what I wanted.

“I’m going to come,” he moaned. I could feel his balls tightening still more. He threw back his head and moaned louder than ever, and I buried my tongue in him and moaned myself, deep in my chest, as his cock began to pulse. As he spurted I could feel the clenching of his ass in sympathy with that of his cock, and his warm juice covered my hand and dripped down to stain the sheets.

“Good morning,” I said, my lips still close to his ass. I stroked his cock as it slowly softened.

“What time is it? The sun isn’t even up yet,” he said sleepily.

“Of course not,” I said, and gave him a last hungrily lick against his asshole, eliciting a gasp and a moan. “I’m where the sun don’t shine.”

About the author:

Elizabeth Colvin is a journalist with a dirty mind. Her stories can also be found in Sweet Life 2 and Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples.