Tanya’s Tongue by Thomas Roche

“Take off your clothes and lie down,” said Tanya, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I looked warily at my girlfriend. She had that devilish smile that told me her surprise would be decidedly naughty, which was both a temptation and a cause for caution. I had enjoyed Tanya’s naughty treats many times. The blowjob in the back of her parents’ car on a four-hour road trip as her mother hummed along with Burt Bacharach in the front seat. The unexpectedly ecclesiastical spanking when I was dressed up like a medieval monk for Renaissance Faire. The stripper she’d gotten me for my birthday.

But even though Tanya never went too far, when she had that mischievous look on her fine-boned face, I always wondered with some trepidation what was in store for me.

I had just come in from raking the yard, while Tanya sat inside surfing the Internet. She was supposed to be working, but who can work on a crisp fall afternoon when it’s sixty-five degrees outside but there’s that pregnant chill in the air that says it’s soon going to be much colder? Those last moments of St. Whatever’s Summer beckon to you for a final summer frolic before you batten down the hatches for winter, and in Minnesota you’d better heed that call. Tanya had taught me that.

She always left the windows open when she worked on the little laptop in our bedroom, and that pregnant chill had worked its way throughout the air of our little one-bedroom cottage.

Tanya put her arms around me and nuzzled her face against my neck. “Come on,” she said. “I promise I won’t bite.”

Perhaps this would just be another garden-variety blowjob, which was, without exception, never garden-variety when Tanya was involved. She lived to suck cock; she had an oral fixation that was, at times, scary. I had experienced the benefits of Tanya’s oral fixation many times, and I knew that whatever she planned to do with her mouth it would definitely be interesting.

“Promise?” I asked her. “Promise you won’t bite?”

“Well,” she sighed. “Maybe just a little.”

That certainly wasn’t enough to dissuade me.

“All right,” I said. “But I’m closing the windows.”

“Of course you are,” she cooed. “Because you’re going to be naked for the rest of the afternoon.”

“We need to go to the grocery store,” I said.

“I got your groceries right here,” growled Tanya, a little edge creeping into her voice. “Take off your clothes.”

I’ll admit, I’m easy to persuade when there’s a hungry mouth breathing warm sex against my ear. I pressed my lips to Tanya’s and felt her tongue seething against mine as she unbuckled my belt. I kicked off my sneakers and let my windbreaker slide off my shoulders, then pulled my T-shirt over my head. As my nipples stiffened I realized I hadn’t closed the windows, but by then Tanya’s mouth was molded to one nipple and her tongue was working magic. I moaned softly and forgot all about the chill in the air as she pushed me back onto the bed. She had my pants off in an instant and left them in a ball at the foot of the bed as she climbed on top of me and pressed her body to mine.

Wrapped in a pink cashmere sweater, Tanya felt even softer than she would have felt naked. Her arms trailed a cashmere caress down my sides as she seized my boxer shorts and deftly pulled them down my legs and over my ankles. I was hard already.

Tanya’s cashmere sweater landed on my face and I breathed her scent as she unfastened her bra and slid my hard cock between her full breasts. She licked the tip of my cock gently as she pressed her tits together and bobbed up and down.

“The windows are still open,” I said weakly.

“Then shout for help,” she told me, and her mouth descended fiercely on my cock, swallowing it all in one smooth gulp. I moaned as I clutched Tanya’s sweater to my face, loving the way she smelled. Her tongue flickered all over the underside of my shaft, and when she came up for air she lavished affection on my cockhead in a way that made me shiver, and not from the cold. Her hands traveled up my body and gently pinched my wind-hardened nipples as she worked my cock in and out between her lips.

“Roll over,” she told me. “Time for your surprise.”

If I’d thought it through, perhaps I would know what was coming. But I didn’t have time to think, and I’ve learned through experience that when Tanya takes charge like that it’s better to give up control, because whatever she has in store will blow my mind.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I sighed.

“That’s Miss Bitch Queen of the Universe to you,” she said. “Turn over!” She grasped one thigh and pushed hard, guiding me onto my side and then my belly. My cock pressed against the bedspread, so hard it hurt. “Lift your hips,” Tanya ordered. “I don’t want you fucking this bedspread. No coming until I want you to.”

I obediently lifted my hips, getting partway onto my knees and steadying myself with my hands against the bed. Tanya’s hand curved around my balls and she squeezed gently at first, then harder. I could feel the rough fabric of her jeans against my feet as she crouched between my spread legs, but I could also feel the full, smooth softness of her tits against my buttocks. She started to kiss the small of my back as she kneaded my balls.

“What’s the one thing we haven’t done, baby?” she asked.

“Had sex in the Louvre?”

She spanked my ass hard, one single blow telling me not to be a smart-ass.

“I’ll give you a hint,” she said, her tongue trailing its way down the small of my back.

I realized what she was going to do just before she did it; while it was hardly the only thing we hadn’t done, it certainly was a ripe candidate for doing. But I wasn’t expecting it, and if she’d given me half a moment to think about it I probably would have said no. It’s so dirty down there, so taboo. Tanya didn’t even like me putting my fingers in hers, which is perhaps why I didn’t expect her to launch into exploring mine with such ferocity. But what I really didn’t expect was the way it would feel.

Her tongue slid wetly between my cheeks. I felt it wriggling against my asshole, and my eyes went wide as she burrowed deeper.

“Whoa, Tanya” was as articulate an exclamation as I could manage, and it went downhill from there. She licked my asshole with the tip of her tongue, then pressed the full length of it against my crack, swirling in tender circles as her hand squeezed my balls.

All I could do was moan.

Her tongue came away from me and I felt her breath warm against my now slick hole. “You like that, baby?” she asked me. As she spoke her lips tickled the curve of my ass. “You like having your ass eaten? I’m going to tongue your hole until I make you come.” Tanya loves talking dirty, and no one does it better than her. She molded her lips to my ass again and I felt her tongue delving deeper, firmly pushing my asshole open as her hand traveled from my balls to my shaft and gripped it firmly. She started stroking as she licked still deeper into my asshole, sending shudders through my naked body.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “That’s incredible.”

“I know it is,” she said. “I can tell by the way you’re pushing your ass up into my face.”

I hadn’t even realized I was doing it, but my arms were now sprawled across the bed, my face and shoulders flat against the bedspread. My hips had pivoted and crept up high, my ass now raised to receive her tongue.

“You’re begging for it with your body,” she cooed, her mouth never moving more than an inch from my asshole. “Now beg me for it with your mouth.”


She spanked my ass again, a playful slap.

“Beg for it, bitch,” she said with affection.

I swallowed nervously; I had never experienced this before, and part of me was still deciding whether it was okay to want this. Tanya’s good with that. She spanked my ass harder and growled: “I said beg for it, bitch!”

“Please,” I whimpered.

“Not good enough,” she said, spanking my ass again. Her tongue slipped out and tickled my asshole just a little. “Tell me you want your ass eaten, baby. Tell me what a whore you are for my tongue.”

The truth is, I did want it. I wanted it more than anything; I couldn’t bear to wait another moment without Tanya’s tongue back in my asshole. I took a deep breath and did what she told me. “Please,” I begged. “Please eat my ass.”

“That’s it, baby,” she said. “More.” Her mouth descended on my ass again and her tongue worked into my asshole firmly.”

“Please eat my ass. I’m….I’m a whore for your tongue. Fuck me with your tongue.” Her hand was wrapped tight around my hard cock and she was stroking it in a rhythm that matched her tongue’s strokes perfectly. “Fuck me with your tongue,” I repeated, and then I was lost in a long, low moan as she moved her hand up my shaft and rubbed her palm over my cockhead, lubricated by my pre-come. All the while her tongue kept working in my asshole, coaxing more pleas out of me. “Tongue-fuck me,” I moaned, the words sounding strange coming from my mouth. “Fuck my ass with your tongue.”

Her tongue worked fervently between my cheeks as she stroked my cock. I was so close to coming, it could happen any moment. I knew better than to reach down and touch it myself — Tanya isn’t the sort of girl who plays well with others when she’s got a hard cock in her hand. She never learned to share.

“You want to come?” she asked, her tongue only leaving my asshole for an instant. “You want to come with my tongue in your ass?”

“Yes,” I said, not needing to be told that she wanted to hear me beg. “Please make me come. Please, fucking make me come with your tongue in my ass!”

Tanya’s hand tightened around my cock and she pumped it faster and faster as she drove her tongue deep into me. She knew my body, knew the moment before I shot, and her tongue left my ass at the very instant the first spasms went through my body. She squirmed onto her back and by the time the come had pulsed up my cock, her mouth was there to receive it. Her lips closed tight around my cockhead and her finger replaced her tongue in my asshole. She gently stroked my hole, never entering it, rubbing in little circles around the tight pucker as I moaned in orgasm. The climax felt like none I’d ever had — the stimulation in my asshole created a whole new world of sensation, and it was more intense than I expected. Tanya’s mouth suckled at my cockhead as I came. She hungrily swallowed and begged for more with her tongue swirling around my head, each stream fuller than the last until the moment my orgasm ended, the last of my come drizzling out of me.

Tanya licked my softening cock down to my balls and gave them a little goodbye kiss. She came up and pressed her body against mine. When I turned on my side and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply without concern for the taste of my ass and my come on her lips and tongue, I saw for the first time the laptop on the nightstand. She’d jostled it as she moved, and the screensaver had gone off.

The browser was still open, displaying a page with the title “How to Give the Perfect Rim Job.”

See, technology does make our lives better.

“Take off your clothes and lay down on your belly,” I whispered to Tanya. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

* * * * * * *

About the author:

More than 300 of Thomas Roche‘s articles and stories have appeared in books, in magazines, and on the web. He edits the Noirotica series of crime-noir erotica anthologies and is at work on a series of crime novels.