Randy Spears: There’s Something About Randy by Violet Blue

From XXX Files April 2001

Adult film actor Randy Spears just can’t help it — he’s got natural good looks, charm, and a sexy magnetism that makes you keep your eye on him, no matter what he’s doing. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a wealth of acting talent, which proves itself again and again with each character-driven role he gets. And, boy, can he fuck.

Randy first caught my eye (among other things) in 1998 with a bizarre role in director Michael Ninn’s dark epic Ritual, where Randy played, well, a milkman. But because this was a Ninn film, he played Mr. Milky, a twisted and maniacal parody of a 1950s milkman gone bad. It was a bit part, but he stole the show. Randy was a gorgeous older man with a great body and a clear penchant for dark, wry humor — and he had my attention.

Randy stands out as an “older” actor in porn’s “cult of youth” culture — but in fact he’s only 39. He was born on June 18, 1961, and in interviews says he had a typical childhood in the Midwest. When he was in his early 20s, his dream of becoming a mainstream actor brought him to Southern California. Randy studied acting and had started landing roles when the writers’ strike of 1987 forced most aspiring actors out of work for good.

Struggling to find work during the strike, Randy took a string of modeling jobs. At one of these shoots he met Ona Zee (of popular S/M instructional film series Learning the Ropes fame), who asked if he was interested in adult film work. The rest, as they say, is history.

Randy went on to make films by the dozen, later marrying sweetheart and fellow adult actress Danielle Rogers. They had two children, and soon after the birth of their second child in 1992, Randy and Danielle decided to leave the adult film world for a brief hiatus. The couple moved to Philadelphia, where Randy tried his hand at a variety of odd jobs, including running a gym. The couple returned to Southern California in mid-1998 to resume work in the wild world of adult video, which is just when I happened to catch Randy doing “Mr. Milky.”

More than his insightfully cynical sense of humor sets Spears apart in his performances. His genuine reverence for the female body and startling attention to the fact that he’s making love to another person are strong elements of each scene he’s in. Whether he’s the shy, nervous character who lavishes knowing oral attention on an honestly aroused actress, or the overpowering, stern older man finding a woman’s G-Spot, he’s shockingly hot on screen. In addition, Randy won the 1990 Adult Video News Best Actor Award for his work in The Masseuse.

In the recently released Thighs Wide Open, Randy plays the head of a law firm — an older, powerful man who seduces the lawyer’s wife (Chloe) and initiates her into a world of underground sex parties. The film’s first half pivots on the tension between the two characters, where Randy plays Chloe’s mixture of naivete and bravado to a peak. Their scene culminates in a white-hot sex-fest on a staircase, with Randy giving Chloe a fingering that can’t be missed. It’s a scene that puts knowing smirks on the faces of a few Good Vibrations staff members whenever the film is mentioned.

Director Paul Thomas’ film Facade stars Spears as a wronged husband, an understated role he performs to the hilt. It’s his strongest acting appearance to date. The encounter in which he cheats on his wife for the first time is an unforgettable session of slow, deliberate foreplay, and a great oral sex scene where Randy shows that some porn stars do know how to perform cunnilingus.

My personal favorites are Randy’s laugh-out-loud performances in Jonathan Morgan’s Double Feature, a one-tape, two-part spoof of B-movie monster films. The first film features Randy as the hero in an uncannily clever script that blends Monty Python, Dr. Strangelove, and a classic Women From Mars invasion theme. His character hilariously goes beyond vanity, and he endlessly parodies himself, even as the invaders from Clitora gain the upper hand. In the second half, Spears had me laughing until there were tears in my eyes as a Son of Frankenstein monster, complete with an “Abby Normal” penis. But is the sex hot? You bet it is. Randy delivers.

In a press conference last year, when the subject of then-trendy sexual abstinence (a la Britney Spears) came up, quick-witted Spears responded by claiming that he is, in fact, a virgin. He said he was “saving himself for marriage.” Reporters pointed out that he’d been in literally hundreds of adult films, to which Randy countered that this was merely “suggestive” and “a lot of spunk and mirrors.” Again, the press insisted that Spears’ assertion could not possibly be true, citing his marriage and two children with Danielle Rogers. To this Randy replied, “I haven’t had sex with my wife, and even if I did I would never ejaculate inside her,” he shouted. “I am a porn actor, dammit!”

A porn actor, indeed