The New Fiancée, Part Two by N.T. Morley

(Continued from part 1)

Meredith’s hands quivered as she reached up to the left strap of her dress and gently eased it over her shoulder. So insubstantial was the dress that one side of it immediately fell away, revealing Meredith’s bare left breast with its firm, pink nipple plainly erect from arousal. Hesitating only slightly, Meredith eased the other strap off her shoulder, and the dress went sliding down to her waist, revealing both small but perfect breasts, showing by their glowing pearlescence that her Master never allowed her to sunbathe.

Meredith wriggled her hips, pushing the dress down over them. It slid down her thighs and pooled around her high-heeled shoes. Meredith obediently stepped out of the dress, now naked except for her shoes and the quite-soaked thong.

“Lovely tits,” said Yvanna. “Quite a nice body in general. Do you have her work out?”

“Two hours a day,” said Phillip. “Mostly on her legs and abdomen.”

“Yes, I see that,” said Yvanna, running her hands down Meredith’s slender legs. “She must be able to fuck like a demon.” Meredith obediently leaned into her, allowing Yvanna to get a good, firm hold of the back of Meredith’s thighs, where hours of Phillip’s prescribed workout had built the perfect muscles for pushing herself onto his cock — or anything he chose.

Yvanna reached up and grabbed Meredith’s bare ass with a slap, squeezing her firm buttocks tightly. Meredith could feel the pressure against her cunt, and caught her breath.

“Are you, dear?” Yvanna asked. “Are you a rollicking good lay, a fucking racehorse when there’s a cock around?”.

“I — I try, Ma’am,” said Meredith nervously.

Yvanna polished off her red wine and leaned over to set the empty glass on the coffee table behind Meredith. “He always does it to you from behind, right? Never face to face.”

“Y — yes, Ma’am,” said Meredith, blushing furiously anew as she looked into Yvanna’s eyes. “Only from behind. He only takes me from behind. I –” she paused, her voice quavering. “I’ve actually never been taken the other way. Face to face, I mean.”

“Never?” smiled Yvanna. “Never in your life?”

“Never,” said Meredith, dropping her eyes.

“Show me,” said Yvanna with a smile, pulling hard on Meredith so she stumbled onto the sofa, legs spread and straddling Yvanna’s lap. “Show me how you fuck.”

Meredith could feel the heat coursing through her with the rough touch of her Master’s ex-wife. Much as she had been taught to do in lap-dancing for her Master’s male friends, Meredith leaned forward and ground her body rhythmically against Yvanna’s, working her hips back and forth. They moved effortlessly, the many hours of exercise having rendered Meredith a lithe and capable sexual athlete.

Meredith began to rock back and forth harder, pumping her hips in just the way her Master liked her to fuck back onto him. She felt her pussy flooding uncontrollably in trained response to the motion, her copious juices soaking through and spilling over the tiny lace thong in an instant. Droplets of her juice went scattering across the front of Yvanna’s dress. Yvanna chuckled as Meredith rubbed her breasts in the older woman’s face. She reached back and curved her arm around Meredith’s thigh, pulling the younger woman firmly against her. Her hand found Meredith’s cunt, plucked the laughable covering of the lace thong out of the way, and began to stroke it again, more firmly this time, rubbing Meredith’s slit and occasionally plunging two fingers inside. Now moaning openly, Meredith fucked herself back onto Yvanna’s hand, pulsing eagerly toward orgasm.

“Kiss me,” said Yvanna. “Let’s see if he’s pierced that tongue of yours yet.”

Meredith felt a shiver go through her at the use of that word “yet” — her tongue had not been pierced.

“Please, dear,” said Phillip from behind Meredith. “You’re giving away all my tricks.”

“It’s all right, darling,” said Yvanna. “I’ve got a few tricks of my own. Now kiss me, Meredith, the way a woman likes it.”

She felt her nervousness growing as she leaned her elbows on the back of the sofa; how did a woman like to be kissed? Meredith herself mostly liked to be held down, hair tangled in her Master’s fingers and her face and buttocks rosy and tingling from an hour or more of firm slaps, as her mouth was forced open and savaged by the fiercely-thrusting heat of her Master’s tongue. But she suspected that most women, perhaps Yvanna included, wanted a gentler, more tender kiss, and so that was what Meredith gave her, nervously and tentatively pecking her before pressing her mouth against the older woman’s hungrily. But when her tongue slid gently into Yvanna’s mouth she felt an unexpected rush of excitement that both confused and aroused her, sending an uncontrollable wave of hunger into her cunt.

It took her a moment of deep kissing to recognize what was having such an effect on her.

Yvanna’s mouth tasted like Phillip’s cock.

The taste was overwhelming, and unmistakable; Meredith had swallowed her Master’s organ so many times as to know every nuance of that rich, musky taste. But not just his cock was there; Meredith could also taste, mingled with it, the taste of his come. Her Master had come in Yvanna’s mouth.

Meredith almost pulled back, even as arousal ferociously took her over. But by that time, Phillip had come behind her, and his fingers snaked into her hair, holding her in place as Meredith’s mouth was eagerly taken by Yvanna’s thrusting tongue. Phillip held her there as his hand traveled up the back of Meredith’s thighs; hungrily, without even knowing she was doing it, Meredith pushed herself onto his hand when he touched her cunt. Two fingers slid into her easily, and Meredith began to work her hips again, this time even more eagerly than before.

She was wet. Unaccountably wet. Juice dripped down onto her Master’s fingers and rivulets of it baptized her thighs. Meredith fucked herself back desperately onto her Master’s hand, even as the hot flame of jealousy exploded in her. She sucked his cock, she thought as Yvanna kissed her. She sucked my lover’s cock.

But Meredith knew she had long since abandoned any claim she had on Phillip’s sexual pleasures. She had given him unquestioning obedience — and he had chosen to dally with this woman. Meredith, then, would dally with her too, as she was being ordered to.

She would make love with Yvanna, with the woman who had just been taken by her Master. She would service the woman, for her Master’s pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” cooed Yvanna when Phillip let Meredith go. “She tastes almost as good as you do. And quite an eager little kisser. I wonder if she’ll like the taste of me on your cock as much as she likes the taste of you in my mouth.”

Again, Meredith’s stomach churned as jealousy flashed through her, but she let the fear and envy drain away as she felt Yvanna’s hands touching her breasts, pinching the hard nipples, as Phillip began to fingerfuck her. Meredith’s hips worked fervently, pushing her cunt onto first two, then three of her Master’s fingers as Yvanna pulled her upper body forward and began to suckle Meredith’s tiny tits.

“She’s got me wet as a schoolgirl,” gasped Yvanna. “Do something about that, will you, Phillip? You know what a girl likes. You’ve seen to it so many times yourself; I’m sure Meredith will get the hang of it quickly.”

Meredith’s head swam as Phillip gently eased her off the couch, pushing her head between Yvanna’s thighs as Yvanna swept the insubstantial fabric of her dress out of the way. There, fully revealed, was a smooth-shaved and unpierced pussy, glistening with juice. Clearly, Yvanna still didn’t wear panties.

Phillip’s hand, firmly holding Meredith’s hair, pushed her face between the older woman’s thighs as Yvanna slid her ass forward to the edge of the white sofa. Before Meredith even had a chance to think about it, she was licking.

She almost expected the taste that greeted her — the taste of Phillip’s pleasure, the sticky aromatic juice that told Meredith her Master had not only made love with this woman, but had done it twice — at least — and had been brought to completion by the shaved puss that Meredith was now expected to service. And yet, when she did feel the thick jizz leaking onto her tongue, she felt another surge of jealousy — but by then, her Master’s hand was so firmly in her hair that she could not have pulled back if she had wanted to.

And she didn’t want to. Blessed with the taste of her Master’s come, even leaking out of this hussy’s cunt, Meredith eagerly began to worship, suckling at Yvanna’s clit and licking down to her tight opening. Yvanna moaned softly; when it became quite clear that Meredith was going to not grudgingly, not just willingly but enthusiastically service the older woman, Phillip released his grip on Meredith’s hair and firmly grasped her thighs. Meredith moved to open her legs, obediently, as she had been taught to do whenever her Master touched her there. But before she could even do that, Phillip had forced them open and tugged the crotch of her thong well to the side.

The distant rattle of her Master’s belt buckle sent a sudden thrill through Meredith; it made her head swim with excitement to know that even after pleasuring himself with this woman twice, he could still get it up for her. There was only an instant for her to think about that before the thick head of her Master’s cock violated her, big enough to stretch her open painfully in the first instant of penetration even after she had been opened up first by two of Yvanna’s slender fingers and then by three of Phillip’s thick ones. But the flood of juice that met the Master’s cock as he sank into her slicked the way so amply that by the time Meredith was thrusting herself violently back onto Phillip’s cock, only cascading waves of uncontrollable pleasure were exploding through her near-naked body. She devoured Yvanna’s cunt with newfound fervor as the older woman moaned and cried out, seizing Meredith’s head with both hands to force the girl’s eagerly suckling mouth more firmly against her shaved cunt. The feel of that possessive gesture is what drove Meredith over the edge into an intense orgasm, and her tongue only worked faster as ecstasy flooded through her. Her hips, too, picked up force, pounding her cunt so hard onto Phillip’s cock that he grabbed her hips and forced her to hold still while he ravaged her — 10 thrusts, 20, 30, while Meredith came, soaring high on her orgasm even as her swift tongue brought Yvanna off — and then Phillip let himself go deep inside her, inundating Meredith’s cunt with the same blessed issue that had so flavored Yvanna’s.

Whimpering hungrily, Meredith continued to lick even as Yvanna reclined on the sofa, practically hanging off of it. The older woman thrashed back and forth, moaning loudly as Meredith serviced her too-sensitive pussy. Finally, Yvanna pushed Meredith off, and the young blonde looked up panting, her mouth and chin running with the thick juices of Yvanna’s cunt and the pungent savor of Phillip’s come.

“Not bad,” said Yvanna breathlessly. “She’s taken to it quickly. Phillip, I think she’ll learn to become quite a little cunt-licker before the wedding, don’t you?”

Behind Meredith, Phillip chuckled. He leaned over his slave, pressing her into the sofa as he kissed his ex-wife tenderly.

“She’d better,” said Phillip when his lips left Yvanna’s. “You remember which wife Yvanna is, don’t you, Meredith?”

Her face cradled in Yvanna’s lap, Meredith said softly:

“Yes, Sir. She’s your fourth wife.”

“I thought we’d work backwards,” said Phillip cheerfully. “Antonia’s flying in next week.”

“Mmmm,” cooed Yvanna. “She’s the one with those fantastic tits, isn’t she?”

“That’s right,” said Phillip.

Yvanna laughed lightly. “I don’t have to be back in Paris until the 15th. I think I’ll stay for that. Unless it’s an imposition, Phillip?”

“Not at all, my dear,” said Phillip. Meredith, you’ll be happy to keep our guest entertained while she’s here, won’t you?”

Meredith affectionately kissed Yvanna’s ivory thigh, her blood quickening at the scent of her Master’s pleasure still wafting from deep inside.

Meredith said breathlessly, “Yes, Sir.”

Yvanna caressed Meredith’s face and stroked her hair with her long, thin fingers.

“It’s so sweet of you to let me try out each new fiancée, darling,” said Yvanna to Phillip. “This one definitely passes the test.”

* * * * * * *

N.T. Morley is the editor of Master/Slave and author of more than 20 published and forthcoming novels of erotic dominance and submission, including The Castle, The Tower, The Limousine, The Parlour, The Nightclub, The Circle and The Office. Morley’s writing has also appeared in the Naughty Stories series and the Sweet Life series.