Sex Toys: Clit Suction Cups by Violet Blue

Clitoral pumps have been around the sex toy world for decades. In the non-sex toy world, nipple pumps have long provided relief to lactating mothers. Penis pumps (suction cylinders) are also a sex toy staple, with alleged powers of size increase (though the increase is only temporary — don’t believe the hype). It was really just a matter of time until nipple pumps made the trip downward to be used on the clitoris. But though it took a while for clit pumps to really catch on as toys used for sensation play, rest assured that women have been enjoying them for at least as long as guys have been enjoying penis pumps. At some point, in a span of realization that probably took about five seconds, a horny nipple pumper let her nipple cylinder migrate southward to her clit.

There are a number of clit pumps manufactured purely for pleasure. The adult toy industry has been cranking them out lately, attesting to the surge in popularity for women who want to add suction to their sex-toy arsenal of pleasure.

Suction devices operate on the principle of creating an airtight seal around the area you want sucked and then removing the air by pressure (like a suction cup) or by pulling the air out with a squeeze bulb attached to a small hose. It creates a concentrated pulling feeling, which starts out subtle but can be cranked up to great intensity with a few squeezes of the bulb. With the vacuum created on a small area, such as a nipple or clit, the blood flows directly to the area and intensifies sensation. When the pump is removed, the nipple or clit is very sensitive and has a heightened response to stimulation. It’s important to take breaks about every five minutes if you’re really pumping, and not to overdo it. If you go overboard, you can risk tissue damage, kind of like getting a really bad hickey (which you definitely don’t want on your clit).

With all this information in mind about increased pleasure, and the rising popularity of clit suction toys, I had to try some of these dandies myself. I decided to put myself in the line of fire, picking up three popular clit pumps. I tried one a day, like the vitamin.

Many of these toys can be found by different names; the sex toy industry is not known for its consistency.

I couldn’t resist trying the big guns first. The Power Woman 6000 had a ring of Bionic Woman to it, and it looked like whatever it had to say, it would mean it. Arriving in pieces, the cylinder needed to be screwed together and the squeeze bulb attached, then the user has two options for the opening: a round fitting for nipples or a fitting with a small almond-shaped opening. Both fittings snapped on, though the assembly eluded me in my fascination and excitement, and the eager assistant I had recruited was having way too much fun putting the thing together. Lucky for me, he takes his assistant duites very seriously. So I just watched.

A tiny fishing line of drool may have been hanging from my mouth. I was rapt, imagining what the device would feel like on my clit.

All the books I’ve read, as well as my training at Good Vibes, told me that pumps work best with a shaved area (I had shaved in preparation) and lube (which I have tons of). But nothing prepared me for the feeling when the lavender cylinder took its first suck of my nipple — I think my eyes popped out of my head. It felt really, really good. And the steady pull was gentle, but grew more intense feeling as the seconds went by. When we moved southward to my clit and began slowly inducing suction, I thought I was going to lose it — the suction felt incredible, and the sensitivity and increased blood flow shot my arousal levels through the roof.

The Power Woman was going to be tough to follow up, but the other two contenders had the added lure of vibration. The Power Woman is a plastic pump cylinder, though like the next two toys, most of the clit suckers on the market are simple suction cup designs made from jelly rubber. Usually pink, like, for girls. The Suction Seduce has a big suction cup (around 2″ in diameter), the back holds a Silver Bullet vibrator (included), and the base has a hose attached to a squeeze pump. The vibration was variable and delightful, and the cup worked well on my nipples. Though the seal didn’t stay sealed — and we used lots of lube — it still felt great when the initial pull of suction pulled and held for a minute. On my clit I mostly felt the vibration, with occasional tugs from the suction. For me and my clit, this was simply a case of “one size fits some,” as my assistant and I tried our best, giggling and aroused, to make my vulva into a flat suctionable area. Unlike the hard plastic on the Power Woman’s outer fitting, the jelly rubber simply had too much give to make a tight seal.

We moved on next to the Honey Suckle vibe, whose cute name, small package and low price all made it attractive. From the first application I knew this was the ideal starting point for the curious woman just trying out new clit sensations. The petite oval-shaped suction cup has tiny delicate fronds inside positioned to lightly tickle the clit, and the suction is subtle. The vibration is variable and makes this toy ideal for light fun. Made of jelly rubber, however, the seal isn’t reliable enough to make it a hands-free device. But the oval shape made it a good fit over my clit, and it was even possible to run the suctioned cup over slick genitals — mine, then his.

Though all the tests resulted in success — you just don’t get to hear about that part — it was clear that some suckers sucked better than others. The Power Woman is for women who want to really feel suction; the Seducer is a great play toy that fits and feels great on nipples but might not fit on vulva/clit areas; and the Honey Suckle is a little honey great for starting out. I recommend grabbing a sexy helper, like I did, and giving them one sucker for your nipples and another for your clit. You decide who gets which areas and which toy — I’m just here to tell you it’s the most fun you can have with four hands.

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