Sex News: How Hollywood fakes sex scenes, the rise of anxiousexuality, Google’s lesbian search problem, PayPal bans sex abuse prevention site

  • I think this is what’s been going on with me. “I asked Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute, why some people might be more likely to give themselves over to temporary celibacy during times of high anxiety … But anxiousexuality is different than a dry spell. It’s more existential.”
    * Are You Anxiousexual? (GQ)
  • “She explained that costume departments know all about the items in her kit, but she doesn’t like to leave anything to chance. If she’s new on a set, she will bring Shibues in a full range of human skin tones and some silicone guards, too. She waved a lavender package containing one (brand name: Silicone Valley), then continued riffling through her supplies. “Knee pads or elbow pads in case someone’s on a hard floor. Sticky tape, moleskin. Wet Ones, tissues, breath mints. Baby oil so they can take anything that’s adhesive off…”
    * The Endangered Sex Scene (The Atlantic)
  • “The L3 software requires a TSA agent to select the “type” of body being scanned, and there are only two options: male or female. Every time a passenger steps into the machine, a TSA agent must press either a pink button that activates an algorithm designed to analyze female bodies for potential safety threats, or a blue button for male bodies. If an agent isn’t sure, it’s official TSA policy for the agent to make a quick judgment based on the traveler’s gender presentation, and press a button accordingly.”
    * The TSA’s Technology Is Discriminating Against Trans People (PS Mag)
  • “French web searchers who intend to find news and information when they type “lesbienne” into Google’s search engine will now receive informative results instead of adult content, thanks to critical tweaks to the company’s search algorithm … Numerama also found that Google’s Pride Month banner, intended to celebrate all LGBTQ people, would appear when users typed in such terms as “gay,” “homosexual,” “bisexual,” “transgender” and “queer.” But “lesbian” would display the banner alongside links to pornographic content.”
    * Google Tweaks Search Algorithm for ‘Lesbian’ to Display Less Porn (XBIZ)
  • I’ve been saying this, with evidence, for well over a decade, but okay. “Women and men are equally aroused when presented with sexual images, a new study has found. It is widely viewed that men are more likely than women to become aroused by pornographic images.”
    * Women find porn just as arousing as men, study finds (Independent)

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  • “The idea came after the founders realized more and more doll owners were creating amateur videos with their gynoids. The content on the site is unlike anything else you’ll see in traditional adult content: a male actor talks with sex dolls as if they were real humans, kisses, and cuddles them.”
    * Adult Streaming Site ‘Dollbanger’ Shoots Exclusively with Sex Dolls (Future of Sex)
  • “More than 800 men have joined a movement called “Abused in Scouting,” started by a group of lawyers who worried that the Boy Scouts of America were planning to file for bankruptcy, cutting short the timeline for victims to bring sex abuse claims against the organization in court.”
    * A Man Says He Was Abused ‘Hundreds’ of Times in Boy Scouts (TIME)
  • “GOOP has promoted vaginal steaming, the origins of which include the false belief that that a uterus is full of toxins. If the myth weren’t so harmful, it would be laughable. If menstrual blood were filled with deadly toxins, how exactly does an embryo implant and thrive? This lie has been used to exclude menstruating women from school, work, and religious services. Vaginal steaming is a literal tool of the patriarchy. A literal tool of the patriarchy. I wrote that twice on purpose, because it’s a double tool of the patriarchy. You know the origins?”
    * No GOOP, we are most definitely not on the same side (Dr. Jen Gunter)
  • “It is common for PayPal to place such permanent bans on content creators who deal, even tangentially, with the topic of sex—and these restrictions have become even more extensive following FOSTA. These bans have affected sex educators, writers, artists, and YouTubers—especially women and sexual minorities. But this is the first time that these opaque policies have been applied against a child sexual abuse prevention organization.”
    * PayPal fails to shut down Prostasia (Prostasia Foundation)

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  • “Many people, particularly from a younger generation, are coming to the issue from a different perspective than earlier generations. It’s no longer a moral judgment about sex; it’s a justice issue based on intersectional identities. Those who now support it “inherently understand that the decrim conversation is about economic justice, it is about racial justice, it is about gender justice, it is about trans justice,” Tasaki said.”
    * The Fight for Decriminalizing Sex Work Is About Justice (Rewire News)
  • “In this way, pedophile conspiracies act as a sort of propaganda of the counterrevolution, a fun-house reflection of the real threats to the social order. This is what connects QAnon and Pizzagate to McMartin to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages to the dawn of major religions. The demons may take different forms, but the conspiracy is basically the same: Our house is under attack.”
    * Epstein is a real pedophile. Why are QAnon and Pizzagate so focused on fake ones? (Mother Jones)
  • “The Consumer Electronics Show will allow sex toys to win awards and be presented on the show floor next year, a year after the convention was mired in controversy when an award was revoked from a largely woman-run and woman-focused sex toy company.”
    * CES will allow sex toys at next year’s show (Verge)

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