Sex News: The unregulated sperm industry, Fort Hood prostitution, cucumber Fatwa

Above: Terrific commercial from ACW Grey, Tel Aviv for Israeli lingerie brand Delta.

  • Sperm donation has evolved from a practice of customized production to an industry that resembles mass manufacturing. Today, the supply of sperm in the United States is concentrated in a few large companies that maintain multiple offices around the country, generally near college campuses.
    The Unregulated Sperm Industry (NYT)
  • Scientists in Australia have found a reversible way to stop sperm getting into the ejaculate, without affecting sexual function. The animal tests showed the sperm could be “kept in storage” during sex.
    Male pill keeps sperm ‘in storage’ (BBC)
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a laudable, rousing movie that also made me feel like a total perv. How did this happen? To be fair, there are a handful of scenes in the movie that are fully meant to carry a sexual charge…”
    The 5 Most Unintentionally Erotic Moments of Catching Fire (Vulture)

  • Officially issued Fatwas of note during the Egyptian presidency of now deposed leader Mohamed Morsi include A prohibition on women “eating certain vegetables or even touching cucumbers or bananas”, due to their phallic imagery which could sexually tempt women, and numerous Fatwas were authorized to use women as human shields during moments of violence.
    Egyptian Fatwa: Women who swim in the ocean guilty of adultery (Examiner)
  • New York men’s suit maker Daniel Friedman said, “I had no idea that this market existed.” Women and transgender men now make up one-quarter of his customers, he explained, and their numbers are growing. Others have turned to a spate of new companies, including Tomboy Tailors, Haute Butch and Saint Harridan.Custom Suits to Make Transgender and Female Clients Feel Handsome (NYT)

  • Pew’s statistics have been used, alternately, to prove that online dating is growing – and that it will soon be obsolete. Why the confusion? It’d be easy to blame the irrepressible creativity of insta-pundits. But the truth is likely buried deeper in Pew’s online dating statistics.
    There Is No Difference Between Online and ‘Real-Life’ Dating (NY Mag)
  • Let’s think through the troubling implications of the latest surveillance-state news. The NSA is conducting surveillance on the porn habits of individuals, which means that the NSA is developing expertise in discrediting people with their online behavior. It’s that same expertise that led to serious surveillance abuses in the past.
    The NSA’s Porn-Surveillance Program: Not Safe for Democracy (Atlantic)

  • You want to date hotties… but are you actually as attractive as you think you are? Researchers have developed an online dating system that not only matches you with partners you’ll find attractive, but who are also likely to find you attractive too.
    AI Reality Check In Online Dating (

Calendar images Playboy Diesel Calendar 2014 by Terry Richardson via Nicola Formichetti.

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