Weekend reads and fun/instructional videos

* This story is fun for oh so many reasons, and not just because I already have *two* work uniforms if I needed a job in Arizona: Erotic eatery’s nurse uniforms criticized. Snip: “The Heart Attack Grill features flirtatious waitresses serving food in the skimpy uniforms, the Baltimore Sun reported. But the head of the nurses’ organization, Sandy Summers, said that the marketing technique reinforces the main unfortunate stereotype associated with the health profession.” To which I say — Dear Miss Nursing Association, by any chance, was your pet’s name Sandy and the first street you ever lived on was Summers Ave? And, don’t you think George Clooney (and now Grey’s Anatomy) are the truly deliciously slutty, medicine-administering problems for your “image”? Let’s just hope that Domino’s doesn’t get the same idea about the wholesome image of their delivery staff, or we’ll never see any porn with a “plot” again.

* I live in a Victorian that overlooks the dirty Uncanny Valley of the blogosphere — because I’m obsessed with sex dolls, humanoid robots and AI, my pal Thomas sent me this great article, Lifelike robots: Cool or creepy?

* I went to a party last night where I saw some really bad Shibari, complete with rude models (I called them the rope dude’s “grumpy little minions”). Too bad — Shibari is fun and can be really exciting, but there was this whole superiority attiutude, made more ridiculous by their use of badly dyed, unsafe-slippery rope. My companions and I laughed that they were coming off as experts “teaching” people about the history of fetish and had crappy rope — someone (not me!) even said “I can’t believe they’re not even using Monk’s rope, which is the best.” I was told I couldn’t take photos or write about it, while others shot photos freely, so rude. Anyway, here’s my antidote, found at lovely Viviane‘s — French clothing company Arayal’s incredibly hot Shibari commercial (video), where you can’t even tell what they’re trying to sell you. Beautiful girl, graceful viral marketing.

* OMG — check out Monk’s HOWTO videos!!!!!

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